Joe And Mika: We Need Nothing From Saudi Arabia

Published on October 19, 2018

‘Morning Joe’ hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski describe the reported death of WaPo journalist Jamal Khashoggi as ‘crossing a line that has never been crossed before.’

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  • A Wee Scots Dog 6 months ago

    The Art of the “Don’t Squeal – Just shut up and stay in the sack”
    (Aka Trump University – Law Class: Lesson 1 Interrogation. Location: Room 101)

    Trump knew just how to separate
    The good folk from the bad
    It was just a case of judgement
    As to how much cash they had

    Saudi Royals are very different
    From you or I it’s true
    But the quality Trump’s looking for
    Is have they got one trillion or two?

    To invest in real estate
    And massive blocks or towers – they do?
    Then suddenly his ears prick up
    So high they’re out of view

    “I know it’s wrong to judge” he says
    “I never would do that
    But I think you are wonderful
    That’s just a simple fact”

    “So I’ll ignore all the rumours
    You should never trust a Turk
    Unless that Turk is Erdogan
    Jailing dissenters with a smirk”

    “So I think now we can all agree
    A misunderstanding’s all it was
    And even if is wasn’t
    There was no-one here who saw us” …

    … Unlike Khashoggi. Ha ha ha – Effendi …you like my joke ?

    No you can’t have my daughter … Ah, A thousand apologies your excellency I thought you meant Ivanka… Yes of course, I’ll arrange it … “Hello, Tiffany sweetheart, you know how you wanted a big Government job, just like your sister … well…. surprise!

  • Aztekk Gold 6 months ago

    Go vote

  • Kung-Fu Kenny Family 6 months ago

    Good morning everyone , have a good friday❤

  • Matthew Snider 6 months ago

    The US certainly doesn’t “need” to keep supplying a highly repressive theocratic regime notorious for enforcing restricted information, draconian social/cultural controls, and brutal violence in the suppression of critics (journalists and otherwise). And while people will rightly say many US administrations have pandered to Saudi Arabia for oil and regional-strategic purposes, Trump & Co. are the first to essentially give the Saudis a free-pass for a gross violation of human rights, rule of law, and press freedom and explicitly say, “we’re willing to look the other way because they give the US military money.” And of course, that might not be the end of the story, as despite his recent dishonest denials, Trump himself said he does “lots of business” with Saudi Arabia and we still haven’t seen his tax returns.

  • Cosmo Joe 6 months ago

    mark it as number 3k on the bad list that people will forget when the next BS happens a week from now(if that) thats how things work now

  • nematon 6 months ago

    “Crossing a line that’s never been crossed before”? Ummm…

  • MY Dlink 6 months ago

    The administration is bankrupt of values, decency and ethics.

  • Action Hiro 6 months ago

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump blames the Canadians for the death of that journalist

  • Ive Peters 6 months ago

    Speaking from across the ocean, the USA has become an international joke, because of 1 man.

  • new shoes 6 months ago

    Maybe the Saudi Arabian guy with the bone-saw could help Donald with his bone spurs.

  • Buddy Love 6 months ago

    It’s Trump’s Benghazi.

  • wally crail 6 months ago

    This is the most important election in your lives, America, because it likely will be your last. Don’t expect a blue wave, because the GOP is rigging the election, to ensure a red tsunami. Goodbye constitution. Goodbye elections. Hello Chairman Trump. Sweet dreams, America.

  • New Message 6 months ago

    This is all a lead up to war, folks. One they’ve been setting up for a long time. It’s not going to be ‘let go’ because they don’t want it to be. They want their matchsticks to burn nice and bright. When Donnie comments on how ‘unfortunate’ it is that ‘this one seems to have caught the public’s eye’, you know it’s exactly what they wanted to happen.

    When the old wartime emergency powers kick in, no amount of votes, or investigations can touch you.

  • Backpacker One64 6 months ago

    The Saudis banked on Americans being indifferent to a _Saudi_ being murdered
    and it seems that they were right.
    Prove them wrong: _go and vote_ 🇺🇸

  • MilesBellas 6 months ago

    WTC attack involved no Iraqis or Afghans…….it was Saudi Arabians.

  • warpedjaffas1 6 months ago

    Facts are there’s not that much difference between Conservative American politics and Conservative Saudi Arabian politics. What’s more worrying is Trump is indicting not just to Saudi Arabia but to other authoritarian regimes that America is ok with them repressing dissent through assassination if you can pay or buy something off us. Pretty much what the authoritarian regimes of Putin’s Russia and the regime of Jiping’s Communist China do. Fancy that eh?

  • Maria&Tim Elmeier 6 months ago

    and now even when people are trying to get to vote in some states black voters are being blocked because of minor inaccuracies on their registration

  • Lolly Barnard 6 months ago

    We have to get rid of the Congress that enables him.

  • CtG 6 months ago

    3:00 Yeah about that. 1 million Filipinos slaughtered in the early 1900’s colonization of the US disagree.

    I’m also quite certain that this Saudi situation, terrible as it is, will not really do anything to a president who gets away with blatant insults to women, supports neo nazis, withdraws from the Paris Agreement, endorses pedophiles and sex offenders, delegitimizes the free press, starts useless and unnecessary trade wars, and ironically does the least amount of damage when he’s on his golfing trips.

  • Jo R 6 months ago

    I hope Trump gets a pasting in nineteen days time, but with all the voter surpression going on, and the voting machines that can be tampered with, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins again. From across the pond, I have no fears that America will be respected and trusted again once Trump is out of office. Hopefully that will be soon. If the voters are stopped from doing it, lets hope Mueller can.


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