Jimmy Says Goodnight with a BTS Dance Party

Published on February 25, 2020

Jimmy has a dance party with global phenomenon BTS (방탄소년단) in Grand Central Terminal to close out their Tonight Show takeover.

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  • Rosalin Carla 1 month ago

    Enjoy btss i like it😙😊

  • Tia Sharma 1 month ago


  • Nadh Dilloooy 1 month ago

    uhm ok but jimin give me a vibes of bad boy and he kinda looks like a bad boy tho i— 🥵

  • girl meets evil 1 month ago

    *sees multiple videos of videos with bts and jimmy*
    *skips homework*

  • Caroline Silmenferr 1 month ago

    Thanks Jimmy for the great show, loved seeing the boys having fun and being the AMAZING ARTISTS that they are.

  • Raju Vai 1 month ago

    Jimmy : We love you
    Me : I also love you ARMY 💜💜💜✌️

  • oHmYgOshStoPtAlkINg 1 month ago

    jungkooks just vibing lol

  • Anggraini 23 1 month ago

    Im here because bts💜😅

  • Sydney Chow 1 month ago

    I literally thought that was gonna be Tae playing saxophone at then lol

  • Magic Shop 1 month ago


  • Magic Shop 1 month ago

    My boys💜💜💜

  • efya safoa 1 month ago

    Lowkey thought V was gonna play the saxophone at the end.Guess ive been clowned😂

  • BTS paved the way The Fact 1 month ago

    It is was best show ever, which BTS attended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you so so much for all Tonigh Show staff Jimmy Fallon!!!!!!!!!!
    Jimin Fallon is truelly geniune nice smart guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jimmy is our man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Look at our Boys worked so gard for perfect performance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It was hardcore performance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! most difficult performance they had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Henna Khan 1 month ago

    BTS own this show. Jimmy fallon looks so lonely at the end when he was leaving.
    #JimmyFallon and #BTS are so perfectue
    Thank you #JimmyFallon for a very very refreshing show, you are amazing as always 💜💜

  • Snhra Bts 1 month ago

    Almost four o’clock in the morning here in Brazil
    Why such an evil time zone?ARGH!
    Good morning, good afternoon or good night.
    obs: using the translator

  • Kim Namjoona 1 month ago

    Jimmy and James are the only people out there who treats our boys well !!

  • moiz khan 1 month ago

    What do they drink to become this energetic i mean after such a hard performance they’re still dancing i would be dead!
    But watching them enjoying themselves is what keeps me alive.

  • Alai 1 month ago

    Proud is an understatement!! They did the whole choreo (which is absolutely amazing and demanding) 3 o 4 times and still they didn’t look tired at any point on the final edition. That is professionalism, dedication, passion and hard work! This is being true artists!! I would never stop being an Army. And they give us more than just amazing performances, or music. Everything they do and represent is larger than music. 💜💜

  • lentai 1 month ago

    0:43 bro Tae and JK lowkey doing a wholeass tap dance-off on the left 😳 I Stan these crackheads ✊😔

  • tokyorockstar 1 month ago

    they were so tired esp our poor mochi but they still gave such great smiles awww i’m so happy T_T thank you jimmy fallon for being a great host


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