Jimmy Reviews Trump’s Instagram



  • chris mahon 2 years ago

    Imagine a right wing presenter took the piss out of one of the squads voices???, what do you think would happen.

    Yeah exactly, so one sided its now pathetic.

    But keep enjoying your echo chamber, you left wing fucks.

    Lol the latest independent polls have trumps black vote up to 34%. If that is even close the dems be fucked.

    Also the impeachment views are going down and down, no one cares any more. Lol someone overhead someone over hear someone else.

    Is that it?. There is no written evidence, and no actual recorded evidence anywhere.

    Yet the dems keep beating people over the head with this. It’s gonna back fire massively….how cannyhey not see it?.

  • ROBØJAK 2 years ago

    ?? “What’s that, boy? You found treasure?”
    ?‍♀️ “It isn’t saying anything…”
    ?? “What’s that, boy? We should get another dog?”

  • michael sagemaster 2 years ago

    really think about cutting the monolog, jimmy sucks at stand up

  • Elvira-Irina Reisinger 2 years ago

    Trump will get more than enough interest in his orange nipples from his fellow inmates….

  • Chantelle J. 2 years ago

    ? 3:38 Not really more like ?

  • Johan Fredriksson 2 years ago

    What’s with Trumps voice? :’D

  • DarkSchneider 2 years ago

    “Gorgeous chest” … “Loves your ads” … PAB45 might as well get Bangbros to sponsor his cult rallies. ?

  • M.Abdullah 2 years ago

    Jimmy is great.

  • air port 2 years ago

    Everybody knows bird is the word.

  • Ray Brown 2 years ago

    All 3 Jimmy!.. All 3 my friend! #FULL #HIGH & #DRUNK

  • Kev' Lar 2 years ago

    he slurs his words because he snorts sudafed and that’s the sound of him coming down. check out the ‘taco bowl’ pick and the open drawer and what it contains.

  • Global Atheist 2 years ago

    If you look behind Trump at that rally you’ll see the black guy that wears a shirt that says Blacks for Trump, and his complete over acting during Trump’s story about going to the doctor. He’s “laughing” over dramatically and trying to get the guy next to him to laugh along with him. Now either he’s just a bad actor or Trump is paying him to be there.

  • Roqaya muhammad 2 years ago

    3:05 even the dude in the back is not buying it LOL

  • Danu MS 2 years ago

    Trump talk just like my grandpa without his fake teeth

  • Jacqueline Wernett 2 years ago

    I am reviewing Aristotle…Putting order to chaos…Tweets…nah..I told L.A…it would again Rain Thanksgiving 2 months ago.

  • Skip Ad 2 years ago

    Make sure Trump doesn’t get another 4 years.

  • Franny Becker 2 years ago

    Show! ????

  • Hiddenheart 2 years ago

    I’m thankful for Trump. In his time I laughed more than ever.

  • Ellen Ripley 2 years ago

    Someone should have implemented the 25th amendment

  • Lisa Chaput 2 years ago

    No other President would be made fun of like this. Trump just sets himself up.


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