Jimmy Recaps Michael Cohen’s Testimony to Congress About Trump

Published on February 27, 2019

Jimmy Fallon’s monologue from Wednesday, February 27, where he breaks down former Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s congressional testimony about scandals involving the president.

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  • Dust Buggy 3 years ago

    I was just watching Jurassic world and Jimmy Kimmel pops up in it for a shameless plug ? get that coin baby

  • Roxana Becerra 3 years ago

    “50 times?”
    “100 times?”
    “200 times?”
    “500 times?”

  • UNCHAINED SHAMAN 3 years ago

    *Canadas snow flake pm is being told to resign at the same time?*

  • Carla M 3 years ago

    Target has sold liquor for a while so maybe it’s new now to other states than Minnesota?

  • V SW 3 years ago

    Would Jimmy Fallon as Trump be better for president than the real Donald Trump in your opinion?

  • Gregory Diamond 3 years ago

    Jimmy is the man! He’s hilarious! Ever since his SNL days. He’s always been my favorite!

  • Sharon Shin 3 years ago


  • Star Weaver 3 years ago

    I was going back and forth on whether Seth Meyers’ A Closer Look commentary was more clever and funny or Trevor Noah’s monologue on the Daily Show on the topic of the Cohen testimony, but they were both witty and hilarious. Was waiting for Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert to weigh in. I thought it would be STIFF competition. I ADORE Jimmy Fallon , but he fell in third place to me so far tonight, it was funny, but low energy. But that’s ok, Jimmy’s still just so cute and I love to hear him speak!

  • Portia De rossi 3 years ago

    Love jmmy?

  • Pipi Vids 3 years ago

    Yay early Bird

    Life if u always late

  • Akshay Gowrishankar 3 years ago

    Michael Cohen was being quite confident in his responses. Is this kind of suspicious to anyone?


    Ooooh ? Scandals!!!?

  • Mark Hazleton 3 years ago

    Michael Cohen looks like a guy in a Martin Scorsese movie about to get whacked.

  • Luna M Carbajal Silva 3 years ago

    Nice job

  • TheGingerChronicles 3 years ago

    He told the same joke Trevor Noah told about con man, racist cheat being his 2020 slogan

  • UglyTruth 3 years ago

    *From Cohen:*
    1. Trump personally reimbursed him for hush money payments (in violation of campaign finance laws (and he has the checks to prove it)
    2. Trump overvalues his assets when trying to get on the list of richest Americans, and then undervalues them to avoid paying taxes on them
    3. Trump continued to pursue property dealings in Russia during the campaign and lied about it because he didn’t expect to win and was just running to promote his brand
    4. Trump was personally knowledgeable about his campaign communicating with Wikileaks.
    5. Trump asked Cohen what country run by black people wasn’t a “shithole” while Obama was in office
    6. Trump used a shill bidder in an auction for a portrait of himself to make sure it went for the most money, and then used his “charitable” organization to pay for it
    7. Trump is so insecure about people thinking he’s stupid that he directed Cohen to threaten anyone that could potentially leak test scores
    8. “Individual #1” is Donald Trump
    9. There are more recordings that Cohen made that are part of another ongoing investigation
    10. Trump likely knew about the Trump Tower meeting with Russians and personally approved it
    11. Cohen knows of other crimes but can’t currently discuss them because they are under investigation

    *From Republicans:*
    1. Cohen is a convicted liar so we can’t trust him
    2. Why isn’t the FBI in possession of evidence they returned to you?
    3. I’ve never heard of you until today (despite him working for the GOP too)
    4. It’s a Clinton conspiracy
    5. He’s just out to reduce prison time
    6. He’s just out to get a movie/book deal out of this (Cohen claims to have offers but turned them down – doesn’t necessarily refuse to do so in the future)
    7. He’s just angry that he didn’t get a job at the white house (Cohen claims he was offered them but turned them down – Republicans submitted tweets from those that know Cohen contradicting this)
    8. Cohen is violating client-attorney privilege (it’s not when they’re conspiring to commit a crime)
    9. If Trump is racist, why does he have a black person working for him?
    10. I’m not racist for using the “I have a black friend” argument!
    11. “Fake witness”
    12. Someone said they would wear a wire to get material to invoke the 25th amendment. We should focus on that instead.

    *From Democrats:*
    1. Were Trumps tax returns ever really under audit? (Cohen: I don’t know but I tried to get a hold of the audit to I could use it to affirm my statements but was never able to do so.)
    2. What about Trump’s tax returns? (Cohen says he hasn’t viewed them in detail but Trump has said that he wanted to keep them hidden because he’s afraid that if people poke around them, he’ll get audited. Which implies that he wasn’t actually being audited in the first place.)
    3. Trump reaped the benefits of public funding for the construction of one of his golf courses, but has listed the value of his courses inconsistently. Asked if Cohen thinks the tax returns should be compared with other valuations Trump has submitted (Cohen: Yes.)
    4. Has Trump submitted false filings of values to insurance companies? (Cohen: Yes.)
    5. Who else was involved with the conspiracy to commit financial fraud in terms of the hush money payments? (Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Allen Weisselberg)
    6. In addition to the instance of buying the portrait of himself, is Cohen aware of other instances in which the Trump charitable Foundation was used for Trump’s benefit? (Cohen: Yes. I executed a contract for Trump to speak via Skype through the Foundation instead of his personal organizations.)
    7. We don’t need a collusion charge. We already have ample evidence Trump violated financial law.
    8. It’s racist that a member of congress would use a black woman as a prop to defend against Trump’s racism.

  • Mr. H 3 years ago

    Kim is preggers

  • White Rabbit 3 years ago

    Trump’s a impostor. It’s his Job to lie! More than every used car seller ?

  • Asher’s Journal 3 years ago

    Kanye 2020? ?

  • And nowit'sme 3 years ago

    And im still wating for my check as ..sss..sss. well


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