Jimmy O. Yang Says There’s No Stand-up Comedy In China

Published on March 14, 2018

‘Silicon Valley’ star and ‘How to America’ author Jimmy O. Wang says stand-up comedy is less ubiquitous in China.

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  • The Sneople 3 days ago

    I was in a movie with him recently. The Happytime Murders. Such a great guy.

  • dikinebaks 3 days ago


  • Marcus Chan 3 days ago

    Yay!! He’s finally on a talk show.

  • will be my end 3 days ago

    Elrich Bachman, this is your mother. You are not my baby.

  • Dirac Operator 3 days ago

    Sad to see Miller go , but great to hear O Yang gets more screen time

  • mohin pat 3 days ago

    He’s one actor that does not have many lines on the show but when he does, although a few, he is still rock funny. But his parents are definitely funny..

  • Law Miles 3 days ago

    Stand up is quite popular in HK tho

  • Toad Jiang 3 days ago

    “There’s no stand-up comedy in China”??? That’s obviously not true, we have something called “单口相声“, it’s quite like stand-up comedy and very popular, but unlike American comedians, Chinese comedians normally don’t talk about politics and many social issues since they are the communist party’s taboo.

  • PARTEEK KANSAL 3 days ago

    He is quite funny. he shud do more stand up.

  • gurnoor singh 3 days ago

    I am a very rich.

  • Lu Fo 3 days ago


  • bryan arciniega 3 days ago


  • A Mess 3 days ago

    Allegiance joke of Hong Kong!! Yes

  • Ishan Mishra 3 days ago

    Yes, I eat fish

  • ZArTassaTul 3 days ago

    Anyone else get a bit of a dickish vibe from Stephen? Like he was treating him like he didnt know what he was doing… which obviously he didn’t but I still feel like he did a great job for his first talk show appearance. I dunno I love Stephen, have for decades, just got unpleasant feelings from the way he handled this.

  • Humam242 3 days ago


  • Fran Tura 3 days ago

    from behind he looks like a really hot asian chick,, and from the front, still looks like a really hot asian chick

  • Brodie-tzu 3 days ago

    Not hot dog 🌭

  • An D 3 days ago

    the web department has a serious titling problem. jimmy mentioned there wasn’t a lot of stand up in china at his dad’s time (which was a loong ass time ago), and they write: jimmy o yang says no stand-up in china. what kind of summary skill and biggotry is that.
    fyi, american style stand-up is still new and niche in mainland china, but there are clubs and open mics in major cities. these years there are even tv shows featuring american style stand-up short form performances on major state run tv stations. shows that gets 100 million of streams online each episode. doug stanhope is performing in shanghai tomorrow. tand here’s definitely stand-up in hong kong.
    even since before we knew amercan stand-up, chinese style stand-up has been mainstream entertainment. many comedians are household names, many classic punchlines are constantly quoted as everyday sayings, and the biggest comedians can be super rich.
    don’t get me wrong, american stand-up is still pretty new in china, and the government is very tense about satire, especially lately since xi is very… openly ambitious to become a full-blown dictator. but there is stand-up in china, jimmy didn’t say there wasn’t, and even if he did, it’s not the point of this interview. dammit youtube uploading producer, this is not the first time you mess up the title.

  • Macnutz420 3 days ago

    This stuff would quickly land you in prison in China. What do you expect from a country that stops the sale of kitchen paring knives and pencil sharpeners during communist party conventions. They are that afraid of their citizens.


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