Jimmy Kimmel’s Quarantine Minilogue – Trump Defies Experts, Quarantime Killers & Dave Matthews

Published on March 24, 2020

As we continue week two of isolation, Jimmy carries on with daily mini monologues from his house. In today’s #minilogue Jimmy talks about thick-headed politicians spreading nonsense about the Coronavirus, Trump’s plans to have everything back to normal by Easter, Melania testing negative for the virus, an Italian Priest accidentally using Snapchat filters during a live stream of his mass, and Dave Matthews talks to Jimmy and performs Paul Simon’s “American Tune” from his bathroom. Jimmy shares a video of two people killing time during the quarantine in a fantastic way. Some people are very creative in isolation. For those of you who are passing time in weird and wonderful ways, post videos with the hashtag #QuarantimeKiller and Jimmy will feature some of his favorites over the next few weeks. Jimmy is making a donation to a worthwhile cause every day during this quarantine. Today, it’s the World Central Kitchen. Please consider helping Chef José Andrés fight hunger around the world. Go here to donate:  https://wck.org/

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  • Regina Jordan 4 months ago

    Jimmy makes you a moron. He said he would like to have it open by Easter. If it wasn’t for him this virus would be worse. You need to check your hate at the door and be for Americans. How about Pelosi not allowing the relief money needed for business and people. You are a sad pathetic man!

  • buzz kirschner 4 months ago

    great charity. ✅😎

  • WIDE AWAKE 4 months ago

    Jimmy’s rockin’ that Liam Cunningham “sexy badger” look.

  • Erica Burrell 4 months ago

    This breathed life into my quarantined blues

  • Emma Sedaris 4 months ago

    Jimmy, thank you for the segment. Much appreciated. You too Dave (we’re your Wallyhood neighbors).
    You are wonderful Jimmy, but look a bit tired. Take care of yourself buddy. We appreciate your hard work, but maybe have a nap. 🤓

  • RaghaV Vutikonda 4 months ago

    Want Matt Damon in video… anyway he is not coming to ur studio..so pls invite him

  • Martin O'BRIEN 4 months ago


  • Matt Brooks 4 months ago

    Kimmel and Matthews, two idiots

  • Brian Pendrick 4 months ago

    Some of you may die but that’s a risk I’m willing to take

  • Rick James 4 months ago

    Dave’s head looks like it dosent belong on his body

  • Galactic Modeler 4 months ago

    Dave song SUCKS!

  • Honey301 Komb 4 months ago

    Nice and soothing…Thank you Jimmy and Dave.

  • 0ErikaAir0 4 months ago

    I swear I thought Dave was gonna play “Boy in the Bubble” when he said it was a Paul Simon song…. you should jam that one acoustic style on Thursday DAVE MATTHEWS!

  • TrinkBruder 4 months ago

    We don’t have rec weed in OH yet. Get back to work

  • lexus5847 4 months ago

    Republican idiot, now that he’s all in watch the market gain 600 pts on the opening bell.

  • Davey Stoddard 4 months ago

    Enough with the Trump hatred. It’s so tired.

  • Bang Bang 4 months ago

    People! Wake up! Employers and employees NEEDS to survive!!

  • fairy bliss 4 months ago

    Thanks Jimmy and Dave !

  • lori Turnbull 4 months ago

    Jimmy house arrest getting the best of you…good thing you had some weed to help with the andrenchrome withdrawls……so are your quests people who are like you…so you dont go down alone???? Or you just rolling over on your buddies secretly…..things jommyvthat make me go hmmmmm. …


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