Jimmy Kimmel’s LIVE Election Day Monologue

Published on November 9, 2022

We are LIVE for the midterm elections, our audience is made up entirely of Herschel Walker’s children, at midnight we saw what scientists say will be the last Lunar Eclipse until 2025, Guillermo is decked out in the latest election fashion, a lot of people posted photos with their “I voted” stickers, Trump’s budding nemesis Governor DeSantis won his race in Florida, one of the Judges running for State Supreme Court is named Josh Groban, a farmer from Illinois named Dick Bigger Jr. who wholeheartedly endorsed a woman running for State Comptroller is in our audience, Republicans have been doing everything they can to convince their voters that the election is a fraud, we ask pedestrians how they voted on a bunch of issues that we totally made up in a new edition of #LieWitnessNews, and we get a visit from the Silver Lining Singers to try and bring some optimism in the face of bad news.


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  • Judi Biggerstaff 7 months ago

    Guy in green shirt was good.

  • john bondola 7 months ago

    “Get rid of DST”? & have summer sun-up at 4 am & sun down at 7:30 pm.

  • Tammie Fuller 7 months ago

    I remember Kimmel when he was a joke during commercials for the NFL…wow

  • Puddock 7 months ago

    8:43 That’s just actual California policy. With the typical democrat.

  • Shane Shoemake 7 months ago

    Jimmy voted for his Mommy.

  • Joe Barcelona 7 months ago

    13:18 Jimmy Kimmel = AntiGOYmite???

  • Wendelyn Anderson 7 months ago

    Poll workers are national heroes like law enforcement, armed services, teachers & healthcare workers. And Mr. Bigger seems like a charming man.

  • sam_well 7 months ago

    Does anyone else believe in election integrity?

  • Alexa Ales 7 months ago

    this ‘i voted’ sticker thing is so american. is that like a gold star in school, good job for doing your civil duty?
    great he brought the singers back, they should be a regular thing!

  • R Aldrich 7 months ago

    I have been calling my representatives in congress urging them to pass the sunshine protection act to keep daylight savings time all year. It passed the senate but stalled in the house.

  • Еретзйис 7 months ago

    12:15 Great, now women can drop them at their _handmaid’s tale_ supportive neighbor

  • Ike Phipps 7 months ago

    Lmao at verifying You’re not a robot

  • Dewi Matthews 7 months ago

    I’d vote for YellowTshirt Guy.


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