Jimmy Kimmel’s FULL INTERVIEW with Sean Spicer

Published on September 14, 2017

Sean talks about Donald Trump’s tweeting, his Inauguration crowd size, fake news, Melissa McCarthy’s impersonation of him, Anthony Scaramucci and more.

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  • Matazuma 10 months ago

    Oh spicy such a good sport!

  • Jim Smith 10 months ago

    Spicer should do SNL! That would be great 😂

  • SRM Solar radiation management Geoengineering 10 months ago

    I laughed hard when he said ” America is a country that other countries oak up too and admire”
    America is the laughing stock of the world
    It’s also a nation of the dumbest, most educated, ignorant obese greedy fuckers on the planet.
    It’s also responsible for the slaughter of over 20 million innocent children, women and men since WW2

  • jessjess 10 months ago

    He actually seems like a nice guy.

  • Batex 10 months ago

    His heart is in the right price – Sean Spicer

  • Aaroncolorado 10 months ago

    I was in the live audience today during this show and I heard it first-hand…Spicer says a Freudian slip at moment 18:48…”his heart is in the right PRICE.” hahaha!

  • Maria S 10 months ago

    I love his sense of humor about it all. He has a charm about him. I think he knows everything TRUMP is crazy, but he just played a part for a check.

  • scout101499 10 months ago

    Spicey is the man. Takes balls to go on a show like this knowing what stuff Jimmy is going to bring up.

  • xyxean 10 months ago

    he’s very good at giving an answer but not really answering the question

  • fidorover 10 months ago

    And I think we all wish Sean well in his role as the new Joe Isuzu.

  • iTz Morality 10 months ago

    Tbh there’s nothing wrong with Sean. He just did his job. Sadly trump made him do a crap one. Sean is a good person who does care and frankly, is a lot more professional than the others who were and still are part of the administration. Hope to see him more and I want him to write that book

  • javier d 10 months ago

    Mellisa McCarthy deserves an oscars for this….I really thought it was the real Sean spicer.

  • Franki Russell 10 months ago

    This interview would have been EPIC had Mellisa McCarthy came out in full Spicy mode to surprise him!

  • ice dan 10 months ago

    “His hearts in the right price”

  • RabidPrairieDog 10 months ago

    As a Californian, I would greet Sean Spicer now if I saw him on the street. He managed to work for the devil and walk away with his soul. Good man

  • Garrick Ellis 10 months ago

    Spicey comes accross as a nice guy with a sense of humour who just had a shitty job.

  • Arturo RoblesGiveit2me 10 months ago

    This guy Spicer is a class A kiss ass. Any other president would’ve stayed clear of any comments on the inauguration attendance numbers.

  • EET FUK 10 months ago

    Put some bass on that voice !

  • Litesh Gawande 10 months ago

    “Have you ever seen the President Naked?”
    “No, I have not”
    He wasn’t making eye contact with Jimmy…
    In my rulebook that’s a lie….

  • Adoring Fan 10 months ago

    You tell them Sean. Tell about the news how they brainwash people for money.


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