Jimmy Kimmel’s Emotional Weekend Over Health Care Battle

Published on September 25, 2017

Jimmy talks about being in the middle of the national health care debate by addressing more criticism from Senator Bill Cassidy and Fox News, sharing his personal experience about his emotional weekend meeting hundreds of people who have benefitted from the ACA, and praising Senators John McCain and Susan Collins for saying no to the Graham-Cassidy bill, hopefully killing it once and for all.

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  • Locutus 2 years ago


  • Roland Bat 2 years ago

    Jimmy is the only Late Night host who tells it as it is

  • Cant_Touch_This 2 years ago

    Establishment Democrats and Republicans are TWO cheeks of the same AZZ!

  • Coolie Alexander 2 years ago

    Who ever dislike should suffer,

  • Zak Bailey 2 years ago

    here before trending

  • Amanda Gard Makeup 2 years ago

    Kimmel for President! 😄

  • Gary Turbo 2 years ago

    Trump is a joke

  • Ian Peracca 2 years ago

    Jimmy’s position on Healthcare > Politicians position on Healthcare

  • Kansas22 2 years ago

    Trump sucks at running a country

  • Fluffy panda 69 2 years ago

    Let’s play a game

    Every fifth like dies

  • Polly Mahone 2 years ago

    Impeach the shriveled orange hobbit

  • 倪传历 2 years ago

    Things like this give me hope for humanity.

  • Mysterious Jonathan Acosta 2 years ago

    How could somebody mess up Jimmy Kimmel with Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy Fallon is not funny. Jimmy kimmel is funny

  • Ceazurhaha 2 years ago

    Trump is a disaster.

  • Punky Brat 2 years ago

    My parents haven’t had healthcare for a LONG time until Obamacare. Since they got on that my mother was able to find out she has diabetes and COPD and just two weeks ago my dad was diagnosed with Lung cancer. They woudn’t/won’t get the proper treatment w/o health insurance. Yes i think Obamacare needs to be worked on but so far it’s been a lifesaver for my parents.

  • Mustle Man 2 years ago

    Thank you jimmy for laughing through your tears.

  • Mike Stoklasa 2 years ago

    People still watch Fox News?
    I thought it was just a show for Trump. A one viewer show.

  • UberNeuman 2 years ago

    I have some sad news for you and your family and all Americans, Mr. Kimmel. They will not stop, which makes your stand so important. Thank you and keeping fighting!

  • Andrew Layton 2 years ago

    Who is that idiot on fox and friends. He had Cassidy on his freaking show! Not Schumer, and not any democrat over this health care issue.


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