Jimmy Kimmel’s Climate Change Warning to Red States

Published on March 15, 2019

Tens of thousands of kids are expected to skip school and take to the streets to demand that adults do more to combat climate change. We don’t know why some people don’t believe humans are causing climate change. Most of the denial is in the red states and Jimmy brings up a very good point that they should pay attention to.

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  • New Message 3 months ago

    Gonna be hard to keep that ‘Alpha’ status holding a frapp, Billy-Bob.

  • The Wealth Generator 3 months ago

    Climate change is no joke. Like this if your stopping it!

  • AJ Welsh 3 months ago

    I can’t wait to explain the concept of trees to my grandchildren.

  • Achi chachi 3 months ago

    You’re so smart, it’s wild you’re a lib. Damn, sorry.

  • LifeSizeBox 3 months ago

    Climate change LOL… the climate is always changing! That’s a stupid name for a man made up problem. The carbon tax is a the real joke here.

  • rurisapphire 3 months ago

    The parents shouldn’t have had the kids. That’s the best thing they could have done.

  • Cypresssina 3 months ago

    He’s telling the truth, Wyoming.

    Much love from Colorado.

  • RedDeadRustler 3 months ago

    I’m moving to westmidwest areas, home of my Apache nation ancestors. It’s about time.


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