Jimmy Kimmel’s Battle Against Pumpkin Spice Pizza

Published on September 27, 2017

After Jimmy fought to kill a terrible health care bill, he realized that speaking out can really make a difference. So when he learned that pumpkin spice pizza is a real item on the menu at a restaurant chain he knew that he had to take a stand against the threat this poses to our great country.

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  • Dankshadow S 2 years ago

    Can I have uhhhh ?️ne ?️?️neless p?️ssy

  • Hans Olo 2 years ago

    This is why China is taking over!

  • K K 2 years ago

    Only abundantly privileged white girls drink pumpkin spice lattes lol

  • Luis F.R. 2 years ago

    shameless promotion is shameless. DISGUSTED BY YOUR WRITERS, Jimmy!!!

  • Your Blessed Mother Mary,Queen of Heaven:remember that working for my Son is never easy 2 years ago

    You will be accused of plotting against My Own Church, yet your only crime will be to uphold the Truth
    Sunday, 30 June 2013 @ 23:10
    Message 830
    My dearly beloved daughter, not for one moment will the evil one stop in his persecution of those who love me.
    When souls are close to me and when their love for me grows, he will always be there trying to draw them away from me.
    When you save souls through your prayers, the evil one
    will vent all his anger against you and you will feel hurt because you
    will become a target for criticism, especially by those you love.
    You must get used to this hurt and sorrow when you follow me and when you accept my intervention, through these messages.
    They will bring with them a terrible scourging, for
    these messages will be responsible for the salvation of over 7 billion
    When the Devil knows he is losing souls to me, he will
    use whatever means is necessary to create doubts within the minds of
    those loyal to me and then he will create a terrible friction amongst my
    You must recognise the work of the Devil for what it
    is and know that the more you are persecuted, for accepting My Hand of
    Mercy, that you are following the truth.
    Only the word of God, when present in its most
    powerful way – when the Holy Spirit becomes evident amongst groups of
    God’s children – will the evil one fight the hardest.
    He, Satan, is furious because of this mission.
    And for those of you who doubt My Word, given to you at this time, know this.
    Only My Word can provoke such outrage, even amongst those who believe in me and who follow My Teachings.
    Not one of you is immune to attack.
    You, my precious followers, will find yourselves at the receiving end of the lashing out of wicked tongues, against me.
    You will be spit at, laughed at and ridiculed.
    You will be accused of plotting against my own Church, yet your only crime will be to uphold the truth.
    Those who uphold the word of God and who refused to
    deviate from the truth have always suffered by the hands of those who
    placed themselves as the most chosen of God’s representatives, before
    those poor souls who truly loved me.
    There is a difference between those who say they are
    better informed and therefore more worthy to pass judgement on others in
    My Name, than those who simply love me.
    You can only stand up and declare your love for me if you follow my example.
    I would never say that one man is better than another – for you are all sinners.
    Yet I would never accept those who may know everything there is to know about me and who declare their superiority over another.
    Those who say they know me and insult another in My Name do not truly know me at all.
    The Devil fills souls with ego, pride and anger.
    They are the three traits by which you will know that
    he is present in one soul, when he tries to silence other souls who
    proclaim the truth of God.
    How such souls will suffer, especially now, as this, the most awaited mission, is being lived out amongst you.
    Every one of you who responds to My Call will have to
    face abuse and public ridicule, which will take your breath away – so
    vicious will the outpouring of hatred be.
    I want you to understand that it is not you that the hatred is aimed at, but me.
    Satan wishes to silence My Voice, as it reaches out to
    save you from his wicked plan, which has been carefully orchestrated
    and which has been planned for such a long time.
    There can be no victory for the beast, but he knows how I suffer when he snatches souls from me.
    Do not allow this interference to blind you to the truth.
    The truth will save your soul and when you spread the truth, it will bring me more souls.
    By these means, I will defeat the beast.
    You will be protected from all harm, but you will suffer the indignity of being labeled fools.
    And all because you love me.
    Your Jesus

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  • Daisy Mitchell 2 years ago

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  • Emmanuel Hernandez 2 years ago

    Repent and believe in the gospel Jesus is coming soon!

  • Alex Odinson 2 years ago

    I love pumpkin spice and I love pizza, but they don’t go together, that’s revolting!

  • Ricard MacCallan 2 years ago

    Pumpkin spice pizza is just…. nasty. Who comes up with these ideas??

  • brasschick42 2 years ago

    Pumpkin is a vegetable in Australia…

  • Tflexxx02 2 years ago


  • Mediaright 2 years ago

    Kimmel da real MVP.

  • Aneta Mladenovska 2 years ago

    I mean look at the positive side,if MORE people wanna poison themselves it’s only a good thing, there are way too many stupid people around.

  • RecallSuper 2 years ago

    first 1000

  • MrValentine2224 2 years ago

    I’m horrified

  • New Message 2 years ago

    Well.. it’s not pineapple.

  • Denise 2 years ago

    Carmel, Indiana is rated the no. 1place in the US to live. Spare us your ignorant dialogue. We KNOW about pizza!


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