Jimmy Kimmel Returns to Brooklyn, Red Sox Fans Root for the Yankees & NY Subway Starts an OnlyFans

Published on September 26, 2022

After three years we finally make our triumphant return to the Brooklyn Academy of Music for a week of shows, Florida is bracing themselves for Hurricane Ian, Guillermo gets introduced by Brooklyn Nets announcer Olivier Sedra, big changes are coming to the New York subway system, and we sent a crew to Boston to see if we could get Red Sox fans to switch sides and cheer for the Yankees in a special bitter baseball rivalry edition of Traitor Schmoes.

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  • Guasabara 2 years ago

    Jimmy El Mejorrrrrr

  • Yousuf AlTajer 2 years ago

    Good morning everyone, so happy that this episode got deleted a bit early

  • Little Red Hen🐣 (A.K.A. Cathy Lentz ) 2 years ago

    First good evening everyone


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