Jimmy Kimmel Responds To More Comments From Video Game Watchers

Published on September 2, 2015

Jimmy recently enraged the video gaming community with comments he made about YouTube Gaming, a new YouTube platform where people can watch other people play video games. Jimmy shared some of the angry comments he received on air, but that only seemed to make those same people even more angry.

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  • AiguoEU 4 years ago

    Rule number 1 of the internet Jimmy! DO NOT READ YOUTUBE COMMENTS ;)

  • chenier9191 4 years ago

    While I enjoy watching others play video games, it doesn’t affect me if
    others don’t, same with if others don’t enjoy the sports and shows that I
    like to watch. But the absolute hypocricy of his statements with the sheer
    amount of games he plays on his show is astounding. While I am ashamed
    (though not surprised) of what the comments said, it is as much on him for
    only showing to highlight those comments when the most and top comments are

  • Marv Splat 4 years ago

    Go have an orgy with some cats.

  • SeeR Ozie 4 years ago

    Get cancer you degen

  • Annex - Full of Fun 4 years ago

    Please eat some Lean Cuisines and suck your daughter’s toenail dirt out

  • Jonathan Farrell 4 years ago

    You fuckboy dont diss gamers you fuckboy

  • Ruby Revolution 4 years ago

    why are u so pathetic?

  • jayme redekop 4 years ago

    Jimmy is funny! God bless Jimmy and his cat:)

  • Dr Pineapplez 4 years ago


  • Bob O'Daniel 4 years ago

    At this point, I think it’s hilarious that he’s just trolling the gaming
    community, now. And we’re falling for it? HILARIOUS. “Go fuck a pigeon”
    “I’d rather watch someone else fuck a pigeon” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That one
    was good. :D

  • Tletin30 4 years ago

    Ha Gay!

  • Update OB 4 years ago

    There Goes jimmy again not knowing what the fuck he is talking about just
    stop honestly do us all a favor and Shut the fuck up….

  • scotty “George W. Kush” seventen 4 years ago

    you nerds are just making him richer. I love it

  • Anderson Arimatéa 4 years ago

    Anything is better than watch your program

  • Aliquam R 4 years ago

    This is truely hilarious and genius … seriously if you didn’t get that
    it’s an experiment … We have a big problem and don’t start i am a gamer
    since i’m 5 and yes i’m old.

  • Heero Yuy 4 years ago

    Lol chil out gamers, it’s jimmy ffs XD too much butthurt ppl here

  • Tyus Fontana 4 years ago

    wow what a douchebag. you dont evem have business with the esport
    community, now u want to close it coz you, your show and your family is
    getting flamed. well u play with fire u get burn. millions of gamer
    accumulate strategies techniques and entertainment by watching their
    favorite team competes in a tournament. a shame for u. making stupid video
    of others just to have a show. well now I prefer jimmy fallon. bye good
    luck with your career and “power”. karma is a dick. wait until u get fuck.

  • MadamLegend 4 years ago

    You’re still a faggot. Half of the people that play videogames earn more
    money than you. you cancer cell. you are a toothless lizard. your nan is
    dead and I’m jerking off to her ashes you loser.

  • LaughPlayLive 4 years ago

    I’m laughing so hard right now, must find the videos that came before this.
    Angry people are so funny and irrational.

  • Chem 4 years ago

    I hope your wife buys a cat.

  • khairowensullivan 4 years ago

    Jimmy, fuck them shitty stupid butthurt gamers. I’m a fucking gamer and
    Jimmy Kimmel is funny. Those 12 year olds boys are way fucking stupid I’d
    say. As a prenup, do more episodes on this stupid “controversial” shit.
    Love you Jimmy Kimmel. 

  • STL 4 years ago

    you retartd downsyn peice of shit

  • Hipnotic Adam (Hybrid) 4 years ago

    He slaged pewdiepie off when he has 4x jimmy kimmels subscribers

  • ClarkeyBoyy 4 years ago

    im laughing so hard i dont get why people are so mad at him lmfao

  • EV0LVE 4 years ago

    learn to take a joke guyz

  • Fleshy26 TV 4 years ago

    more people watch a League of Legends match live then this guy has

  • Sean Scullion 4 years ago


  • John Meyer Meyer 4 years ago

    As parents, we are very thankful to know where our teenage son is.. At
    least he is not out on the streets causing havoc.. Put them down all you
    want, but at least they are staying out of trouble.. Try promoting
    something positive out of this!!

  • Alfonso Obregon 4 years ago

    lizard squad needs to hit and hold his Internet offline ?

  • AsianPandaGoneWild 4 years ago

    I’m a gamer. I don’t know why most of you are so offended. It’s sad to say
    that we live in a world where people are too sensitive, way to gullible,
    and insecure to understand that this is a fucking joke. Even if the world’s
    funniest comedians said this, you would all dislike it too. Stupid.

  • PMR 4 years ago

    You’re just a straight up idiot there are people in Youtube that make more
    money than you and could spend that money to take you out of this planet…
    but your not worth a dolar

  • Dowspro 4 years ago

    Jimmy, next time you make fun of something, please make sure THIS doesn’t
    happen again!

  • LegoPig 4 years ago

    Ohhhh no, now you have done upset the hive-mind-like community of keyboard
    punching neckbeards world wide. Beware every night for the next 3 years
    people will order pizzas to your house and probably added stress on
    emergency rooms everywhere as they will be inundated by Cheetos and
    Mountain Dew induced heart attacks.

  • Brad H 4 years ago

    Go watch some Conan videos, he is way better host then you will ever be.

  • thisbassisntenough 4 years ago

    I use to like jimmy Kimmel but taking a jab at Esports is probably the
    worse thing you can do to a community that wants bring it out there

  • Canadian | CS:GO Predictions, Betting and Gameplay! 4 years ago

    You smell like Egg water!

  • Lenn C 4 years ago

    Jimmy trolling the fuck out of us

  • Yashar Khan 4 years ago

    Jimmy is actually enjoying this, these stupid comments gave him a chance to
    make more people laugh

  • željko šimić 4 years ago

    Jimmy, those are all League of Legends and Call of Duty players. Games that
    have 82% of banned players, and where government still didn’t do anything
    about raging behaviour that some developer are creating through their games
    to make kids and people more obssessed with the product. New generations of
    “players” are called “Trol Nation”. Last great gaming generation was born
    1988. Everything after that is fucked up in the head. You are the best,
    makes me lough every time. If there were more Jimmy Kimmels in the world,
    the world would be awesome. :)

  • FlareGalaxy 4 years ago

    Why Cant you realise that This Is Important To People! Remeber when selfies
    were a thing!? Every one was like “wtf are you doing”? It took time for
    people to get used to it. Now you jimmy kimmel have to get used to people
    watching people play Video Games, that is also a very genralized statement
    to! Also, the last time I check over 50% of the people who are On YouTube
    are Gamers, guess you took that by shock didn’t you, Why do you think
    YouTube is so popular, if you thought it was your channel then your
    probably 0.000000000000001% Right.

  • Corsair Joshua 4 years ago

    Make a joke about American Football and see the response.

    If you insult and fandom, the shitty members are gonna lash out. Welcome to
    the human race.

  • Jeram Fernando 4 years ago

    Watching people play video games on youtube is more like watching a
    television show for me.
    I’m not watching 100% for the games, the people are funny.

  • djidara595 4 years ago

    everyone who thinks watching streams is stupid, is just old. I bet when 1.st
    time sports came on tv, and kids watched some sports on tv, their old
    parents were just like Jimmi Kimmel now. “i don’t understand why ppl watch
    sport when they can play it outside”. Stop being old and accept new tings,
    easy as that.

  • Chelsea Neal 4 years ago

    Bitch please. (Sorry, saying BITCH was a little to over the top) I would
    buy the video games that pewdiepie plays or jacksepticeye plays, BUT I
    CAN’T. Do you know bow much video games can cost? The sims 4 is 70 American
    dollars. I just can’t right now with your ignorant responses to these
    comments. This “gaming thing” is some people’s jobs. And let me ask you
    something. When your daughter grows up, and she might possibly watch beauty
    gurus, and she might not even apply the makeup she just might watch’em for
    the heck of it. So would you make fun of your daughter for watching
    girls/guys put on makeup? And what if when your daughter grows up and
    watches gamers, will you make fun of her for it? What if that is the one
    thing that truly makes her happy, are you gonna be a butthead about it?
    Yeah I didn’t think so. Just check yourself before you reck yourself
    #GetRekt and also what if this is some people’s therapy, you are basically
    making fun of people who do this as their calming state. What is for people
    who have disabilities get made fun of and this is where they can be their
    self? Yeah I bet it’s not so funny anymore.

  • Kiver 4 years ago

    this video is great hahaha

  • Orbit Sizno - PS3 4 years ago

    LMFAO! :)

  • TrenixChaos 4 years ago

    You won’t shut down shit. #NoBalls

  • . “ImLeviathanHD” 4 years ago

    you don’t have that kind of power you fuck go kill yourself

  • Stephane Appleton 4 years ago


  • Exclusive褒 4 years ago

    Jimmy kimmel is black

  • SoaR Luzion 4 years ago

    Fuck u jimmy Kimmel , your just mad because we’re smarder and your just a
    dumb fool. Honestly I hope u get shut down and your show turns to cow crap
    get AIDS 

  • Mitch Lyons 4 years ago

    Bitch pls, you don’t have the power to make a baby

  • Max 4 years ago

    Get cancer idiot

  • Madave96 4 years ago

    This guy is the ultimate troll. Can’t you see you’re all falling for it? He
    wan’t us to react.

  • Ruby Truth 4 years ago

    fuckers like you are just jealous because in this generation we dont run on
    a dirt road with a stick and a hoop you poor old bastard kys and ur wife
    looks like yoda

  • Captain Momo 4 years ago

    Loool shut down YouTube Gaming ? I’m sorry but this is impossible,
    considered that google owns it.

  • Kamen Rider Mars 4 years ago

    Anybody else kinda hope Achievement Hunter would mention Jimmy Kimmel in
    one of their videos because if s celebrity gets mentioned they Die

  • Jonathan Velasco 4 years ago

    I’m your dad.

  • Jonathan Farrell 4 years ago

    You couldn’t even shut off your computer you simple retard. Please do
    everyone a favour and get a long thick rope and hang in around your fat
    neck you complete wanker. FYI no-one fucking cares about celebrities
    anymore other people have different opinions. In the gaming community I am
    pretty sure that overall there is atleast 20 million people who watch
    youtube gaming

  • Smitty Johanson 4 years ago


  • THEJJM10 4 years ago

    fuck off u twat u can already tell u got molested by ur dad

  • Obey Hardly 4 years ago

    “I will end Twitch and YouTube gaming”

    The only thing you’re ending is any younger fan-base you had. I apologize
    for the idiots in our ‘community’, but you’re the real idiot Kimmel.

  • SoaR Luzion 4 years ago

    I hope your dog gets Lou Gehrig’s disease and you have to amputate his legs

  • Kxzoh j 4 years ago

    get cancer

  • Never Bummer 4 years ago

    The really sad part is this is what your show has come to. He’s just doing
    this to get attention. He has over 6 million subs and can’t even hit 10k
    views on a lot of his videos. That’s awful. His show is dying and this is
    how he’s choosing to get more publicity. Atta boy jimmy

  • Logan Wynalda 4 years ago

    Jimmy, now you did it. You double dipped. You should’ve thought twice
    before posting this to youtube, seeing as 95% of it is games, gamers, and
    game theorists.

  • smaniz 4 years ago

    Jimmy is just trolling and its hilarious and fun to watch. Nevertheless I
    am not sure about that last “12y old” joke since average gamer is 31 and
    majority (around 60%) of twitch viewers are between 18 and 34…

  • Abhihsek Verma 4 years ago

    hey Jim. Jimmy BRO! u can mess with Donald Trump u can even mess with Kanye
    west but Don’t dare to FUCK with the wrong community…now I should stop
    sugar coating this so STAY THE FUCK AWAY!!

  • PicInCrowd 4 years ago

    cant people take a fucking joke anymore jeesus

  • Smoke 4 years ago

    The gaming community was better pre 2009. These days it’s full of racist
    little shits who think they know everything and their idea of communicating
    is spewing obscenities while picking arguments with anyone and everyone
    over the tiniest things. Single player and private servers for me thank

  • L7 Draze 4 years ago

    Stupid piece of shit.

  • Arie 4 years ago

    look at all the virgins commenting, glad i dont have anything to do with
    gaming fuckboys anymore.

  • SkyMiller 4 years ago

    lmaooo all the horny nerds are grabbing their pitch forks right now

  • Sam Norman 4 years ago

    Some people take it to seriously but don’t judge if you don’t know what it
    is about and have experienced it

  • BLOOD1MONEY 4 years ago

    Stay in your lane Jimmy you can’t shut down shit fuck boy. You getting
    bodied by a gaming nigga!.

  • DrJimmie Rustle 4 years ago

    I said it on the first video, I’ll say it again. As a gamer myself I never
    knew i was surrounded with such idiotic/autistic community. Too much gaming
    IS a waste of time, deal with it.

  • Blueh _ 4 years ago

    The people commenting this shit is making the youtube gaming community
    look bad, C’mon guys…

  • vSuperWarriorx0 4 years ago


  • lecoindeclaire 4 years ago

    Jimmy Kimmel reads mean YouTube comments

  • JOakesGaming 4 years ago

    Your calling us rats… Says to the man who thinks he’s funny

  • Wackattack40 4 years ago

    ur such a whore u want everyone to make ur relationship better with u smh.

  • Köse 4 years ago

    jimmy dun fucked up boys. GG

  • Moha Makka 4 years ago

    just my two cents ( again) ! so instead of checking it out and finding the
    mistakes in his past video he goes on ranting , and picking the comments
    that actually show the worst of us ” gamers” not the guys trying to tell
    him that we like to watch people play to
    * learn new stuff we never knew about that competitive game
    * that stage we never knew how to pass on our own
    * checking people trying a new game out so we know what we are about to pay
    our hard earned money for !!

    why not make fun of people watching chess tourneys or poker tourneys or
    even golf?
    i go to gym and i watch kai greene workout to know the right workouts for
    me or to check if im doin anything wrong , your wife watches food network
    and watch people EAT that food so that she can cook that food , we watch
    others player play games hoping to catch some of their skill or to know if
    that game is worth buying or not

    he just picked the dumbest comments to look smart like some1 said earlier
    in the comment section

  • TheEpsick 4 years ago

    fuck you you ugly old fat short cunt!

  • MrSuddard09 4 years ago


  • OnlyAGuyOnYT 4 years ago

    Oh snap, crackle pop, jimbob has left a few gaming people but hurt xDDD

  • LegendOnDeck 4 years ago

    I don’t agree with his opinion on gaming but, I don’t think he should be
    getting death threats for it.

  • martin luther king 4 years ago

    Suck a dick

  • Archangel Tyrael 4 years ago

    Don’t worry, Jim. All those dislikes and mean comments are coming from kids
    who ended up on this world by accident, and their parents were stupid
    enough to buy all their games.

  • Messofanego 4 years ago

    I hope this is a regular segment. Gamers were a mistake, they’re nothing
    but trash.

  • Matt Guglielmo 4 years ago

    Hey Jimmy, I’m a die hard, hardcore gamer and I’m actually completely with
    you on this one. Watching someone else on the internet play a video game
    instead of just playing the game yourself is completely idiotic.

  • Jacob Pickerin 4 years ago

    “Made up of 12 year old boys” gosh how naive

  • red sun 4 years ago

    you gotta be pretty angry, and offended to make another skit bashing on the
    same group of people

  • SNOWMΛN 4 years ago

    Growing that beard is a waste of time.

  • inceptional 4 years ago

    Well most of those comments are just reflective of a bunch of “intelligent”
    gamers who sadly don’t know the difference between someone saying something
    seriously and someone making a joke, having a laugh, taking the p*ss,
    messing around.

    It’s like the classic “American’s don’t get sarcasm” thing, and I think
    most of the gamers who wrote those comments fall into that

    Whether you think Jimmy’s “jokes” are good or bad, it’s clear, to anyone
    with even half a brain, that he’s just messing around—and also that he
    doesn’t fully get the appeal of something that clearly millions of people
    genuinely enjoy (such that he made the joke, half in jest but also half
    believing his own line).

    Call him uncool, an old fart, or whatever, because he’s not one of the l33t
    gaming crowd, but I don’t think death threats and like are helping the
    gaming community at all.

  • Ray Page 4 years ago

    4 chan get this bitch

  • Köse 4 years ago

    jimmy you’re just mad because your on a dry streak ya fucking bellend

  • Diana ♡ 4 years ago

    Wow. So that’s where all the negative comments are coming from. Some of
    them were funny though.

  • SaVaGeKick 4 years ago

    I should slit this niggaZ throat and eat that shit


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