Jimmy Kimmel Remembers Kobe Bryant

Published on January 28, 2020

Jimmy pays tribute to Kobe Bryant the day after he and his daughter Gianna and seven of their friends were killed in a helicopter crash. We take a look back at some of our favorite moments with Kobe from his 15 appearances on our show over the years. If you want to remember Kobe in a philanthropic way, make a donation to The Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation. http://kvbff.org

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  • Franklin Yi 2 years ago


  • ChaseFan#9 2 years ago

    Even though I’m a Sacramento Kings fan, I always has respect for Kobe and the LA Lakers

  • Jackie Ciser 2 years ago

    Jimmy voice keeps cracking. If it was me I couldn’t even finsh the first sentence.

  • Lisa Dee 2 years ago

    RIP ????

  • Anne K 2 years ago

    God his youngest is 6 months. ?

  • Seri Heartly 2 years ago

    Those 13 people who disliked has no heart

  • piskaralo89 2 years ago

    This was so beautiful and heartbreaking. Jimmy is such a gem, an honest and truly down to earth man, emotional and caring.
    Kobe’s death is a tragic loss. I hope his family can find strength in support they receive from everyone who knew him or of him. We all go back to our Maker. ?

  • PrinceTodd94 2 years ago

    Rest in Peace!

  • Giri Dharan 2 years ago

    Twice in my life time, I was proved Kobe is a human.

    First, when his body broke down in the last 3 years.
    Second, this news.

    RIP Kobe and Gigi and others.

  • Paul Christopher Little 2 years ago

    Can we trade trump for Kobe?

  • sambroskie lou 2 years ago

    LA is hurting, the world is hurting …… We miss you Kobe. RIP.

  • BMX_ Tander_252 2 years ago

    I didn’t even know who Kobe Bryant was until yesterday

  • Paul Christopher Little 2 years ago

    If trump died right now what would they remember him for? Uh oh!!

  • High Castle 2 years ago

    I don’t get it, wasn’t he a rapist? Why is everyone trying to immortalise someone like that. I agree he was a basketball legend but you don’t immortalise rapists…

  • D.E. Sarcarean 2 years ago

    Is this the universe where Kobe cured cancer and won the Nobel peace prize? Or the universe where he was superstar basketball player and demanded top dollar earning over $700 million to enrich his life?

  • Jackie Celeste 2 years ago

    I’m still finding it hard for me to accept this tragedy..
    May God give the families of the deceased enough strength to carry on in this trying moment and so forth

  • Farhan Jalil 2 years ago

    all those disliking this video have no soul

  • Ashish Acharya 2 years ago

    RIP Kobe

  • nuno gomes 2 years ago


  • c d 2 years ago

    god i was so happy watching your past videos and i came across this
    i really felt bad for the family but everyone who didn’t know him kept posting about him and i was annoyed because they were using him but you showed videos with him and i could hear your voice it really hurts
    i had heard his name but never watched his videos
    but that last quote really got me
    it really did always help other become better people
    thank you for mentioning everyones name may they all rest in peace


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