Jimmy Kimmel on Worst Debate Ever

Published on September 30, 2020

Tonight was the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Jimmy talks about their very differing views and how terrible the debate was, Trump stirring up nonsense before the debate by releasing Rudy Giuliani to attack Biden’s mental faculties and claiming that Biden is abusing Adderall, and Jimmy talks to an undecided voter, lists some of the embarrassing things we learned from Trump’s tax returns, and he presents a new debate edition of #LieWitnessNews.

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  • Chiza Shungu 3 years ago

    Next presidential debate,get the moderator who can slap
    that toddler(trumpier)….he is misbehaving badly.

  • chris lewis 3 years ago

    Best one,Putin’s Puppy!!!

  • LJ Marzula 3 years ago

    Dude your a disgrace to your country and humanity on a whole.

  • Narean Mano 3 years ago

    At last u came back. I don’t want guest hosts

  • DDT DDT 3 years ago

    If the American politics have become this, then Montreal or Toronto is definitely an important decision to be made. What a disgrace. The UN should step in a install a commissioner

  • Aaron Levy 3 years ago

    Vote for gropey joe laddies he has your best interests somewhere bellow his heart.

  • Bradford Benitez 3 years ago

    Worst Debate ever because JOE don’t know how to rebut. TRUMP dumped incoherent BIDEN. BYE BYE joe!

  • denis gomes 3 years ago

    yo i m a democrat too, but when stephen colbert and jimmy show this stupid ppl on tv, i feel… MANN LOOKS CRUEL sometimes.

  • Adam Christopher 3 years ago

    Personally, I’m on a coin flip between Sydney and Melbourne. Any willing sponsors? I’m completely house-broken. ^^;

  • Jordan Spooner 3 years ago

    Trump is so scared that he will lose the election, he is already trying to seed doubt among the voters and call in to question reasonable voting practices, given the current climate. The insecurity is plain to see if you are willing to be honest to your self.

  • greg wilson 3 years ago

    Yep, THAT idiot is why deceptive donny was elected. It is also why donny is not concerned about the virus.
    He’s already infected millions of trumptards. It IS always interesting what people (want to) believe.

  • Jennifer Melee 3 years ago

    Montreal Jimmy. East coast for sure.

  • Faith Obanua 3 years ago

    Fallon is much better

  • Jordy 3 years ago

    How come u wore a bra under your suit brah?

  • DOT BOX 3 years ago

    I find liewitness more scripted

  • Jacob Rush 3 years ago

    Kimmel you do this anti conservative/republican rhetoric every election. Grow tfu

  • Vince O'Dwyer 3 years ago

    Sorry, Jimmy we like you, but Vancouverites and Montrealers don’t want Americans ruining their cities and democracies too. You guys broke it deal with it.

  • Ripper Maggoo 3 years ago

    Everyone please make sure you take your political advice from liberal Hollywood they have you best interest at heart!!


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