Jimmy Kimmel on UNFATHOMABLE Bachelor Episode

Published on March 5, 2019

ABC aired one of the greatest Bachelor episodes of all-time tonight as Colton went visited the infamous fantasy suite. His second date was with Cassie and took a turn when her father arrived in Portugal to surprise her and convince her to go home. When she told Colton, he said that she was the only one he wanted to be with, he loves her, and he said ‘I’m picking you.’ The producers clearly weren’t pleased about this.

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  • PAUL _ULTRAGAMER 2 years ago

    Hi 1st

  • Natalie Corona 2 years ago

    Poor Colton ? Cassie did him dirty!

  • Herman Falck How 2 years ago

    HAHAHAHAHAH! Amazing. Those producers are FREAKING out.

  • New Message 2 years ago

    That bottle was a perfect replay of my first time too. ????

  • Vladimir Putin 2 years ago

    Still better than Twilight

  • Kelly Heald 2 years ago

    I love the panicked producers “go get Chris” but I was a bit disappointed when he didn’t rush out in robe carrying a mimosa.

  • David Whitecross 2 years ago

    Jimmy kimmel has discovered click bait yay

  • Prem Muthuraman 2 years ago

    He should get married to a traditional homely girl right away. No need all this dramas..


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