Jimmy Kimmel on Trump’s COVID-19 Diagnosis

Published on October 2, 2020

Jimmy talks about Donald & Melania Trump testing positive for COVID-19, Trump being taken to Walter Reed Hospital out of an abundance of caution, the various theories about how or when he may have contracted it, all of the people he came into contact with, Trump’s history of making fun of Joe Biden for wearing a mask, and Vice President Pence’s reaction to this news.

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  • Snarky Snickers 2 years ago

    Hippies sing “Instant Karma is gonna git you!!”

  • Operation FUBAR 2 years ago

    “We hope the president will be okay.”

    Speak for yourself, Jimmy.

  • Steve Huntley 2 years ago

    Didn’t you used to be funny or something?

  • A l 2 years ago

    Jimmy could be eating these words later on …

  • Classic Jimmy 2 years ago

    Trump will be fine, he will have the flu and get over it in about 4 days maybe a week cause he’s an older man.

  • Naughty Tasman 2 years ago

    My thoughts are with the virus during this difficult time.

  • Danny Rivera 2 years ago

    Nero the emperor (error) was a mortal man😳and so is the chump 😳but as Nero, we sometimes think we are above the law and science😳I don’t think so buddy🤪🤪🤪

  • Tess Perrigill 2 years ago

    The Trumps at the debate refused to wear masks, I suppose with all that expensive plastic surgery would be a shame to cover up!

  • John Torres 2 years ago

    Bad taste to make fun of anyone who get Covid

  • Cyndie Traylor 2 years ago

    “together?” Not so much.

  • aabb aabb 2 years ago

    Trump’s virus was expected. It is reminiscent of a reporter who had a fever tried to enter Trump’s press conference. Biden also has the possibility. Let me pray to President Trump and hope that my prayer will be realized as soon as possible. But Trump still has the possibility of being tricked by insiders. May God bless Trump

  • Steven Ellis 2 years ago

    Almost Slipped Jimmy! No prominent democraps got cov. ” all this Is trrrr.. Ops and marks protecting Us are not a proven fact

  • L P 2 years ago

    I read Amy had covid before maybe she got them all infected who knows!

  • James Smithe 2 years ago

    Well, Trump has said it’s no worse than the everyday flu and Trump supporters claim the whole thing is a hoax so I guess Trump has nothing to worry about.

  • jefferee2002 2 years ago

    You know, this is compete bullshit. If Trump’s entourage at the debate refused to wear a mask per rules (if they were just suggestions the debate should have never happened) then the debate SHOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED

  • Palpatine4Prez 2 years ago

    Covid: Ladies and Gentlemen…We got him.

  • jack harrison 2 years ago

    the covid virus affects virtually nobody

  • Susan Hoffa 2 years ago

    is that something different lythargic whats new

  • Deep Thought 2 years ago

    I bet he’s faking it

  • kikidee 2 years ago

    It shouldn’t be a problem what with him being the healthiest POTUS ever in fact Dr’s say he’s the healthier than average 20 year old. There’s rumours that he does crossfit 3 times a week and peleton everyday. So no problems he’s going sail through this and beat it biggly.


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