Jimmy Kimmel on the Killing of Cecil the Lion

Published on August 31, 2015

Jimmy shares his thoughts on the Minnesota dentist who illegally killed a lion who was a local favorite in Zimbabwe. If you’d like to donate to the wildlife preservation group who had previously been keeping track of the lion, please visit http://www.wildcru.org

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  • Hamdan Falah 5 years ago

    first comment

  • kariloves12 5 years ago

    Never been this early Lol

  • Karen Diaz 5 years ago

    why did this video posted again?

  • Abraham Lincon 5 years ago


  • RikkaTakanashi 5 years ago


  • RikkaTakanashi 5 years ago

    also fuck you

  • Funny 5 years ago

    wow im early!

  • NimaKhalkhal 5 years ago

    fist me daddy

  • Mohamed ali 5 years ago


  • peter “arie” nelis 5 years ago

    i feel like i saw this before

  • Lourenço Fonseca 5 years ago

    Y is this being re-uploaded? anyway i still love this show

  • Hayden Wolfe 5 years ago

    How can you lose a freaking lion?

  • subhan malik 5 years ago

    15 th

  • Damn Bro 5 years ago

    Why is this being reposted?

  • Donna Fassano 5 years ago

    Wow. Less than 20 thumbs up? That’s almost as sad as the story itself smh

  • Connor Jones 5 years ago


  • Bill bil 5 years ago

    I hunt a lot but I wouldn’t kill something like a lion. That’s something
    i’d prefer to look at and admire. I WOULD hunt a bear. Not a lion. My kind
    of sport is moose, caribou, small game, etc. More commonly hunted (not
    poached) animals.

  • Liqu1d16 5 years ago

    Kimmel Trump 2015

  • OmNomNomNomNom 5 years ago

    Motherfucker should be jailed back in Zimbabwe

  • alexhuaxie 5 years ago

    what a piece of shit this dentist is.

  • captain jack 5 years ago


  • Ralph Rose 5 years ago

    Hey jimmy what’s up I’m sure this was a mistake but it’s still the best

  • winger j 5 years ago

    I think these entertainment fucktards are beginning to have issues with the
    amount of morons that they believe they have influence over. Why is this
    being re-run………….this is old as hell……………

  • Dakota402Gaming402 5 years ago

    wow you get shit view for having 6 million subs

  • Nasser Alkhalalf 5 years ago

    This is the second time they place this vid what are you out of videos you
    guys? XD sorry not meaning to be a hater but too late for that ??

  • Tyler Jackson 5 years ago

    grow a pair people it’s an animal. not a human.

  • MrLegendra 5 years ago


  • falastinibabygurl 5 years ago

    Awww Did Jimmy get teary eyed? Great guy for using his platform for some

  • Talan talang 5 years ago

    I did not knew Jimmy had such a big heart “love this guy” and the guy who
    killed all those animals should be puten in a rocket and send out to space
    we don’t need ppl like that on this planet “ps sorry for the my eng :)”

  • Adi Narayan 5 years ago

    he is only doing this to make up for the youtube gaming vid

  • Jack Gloss 5 years ago

    Is this being re-uploaded because of the YouTube gaming BS?
    God, all social values seem so arbitrary.
    Anyway, if it is, maybe it would be better to just have Pewdiepie (?) read
    mean tweets from you in the show, or some bit like that, I don’t know

  • Saudev Singh 5 years ago

    The world is so fucked up! lets not kill a lion cause its a royal animal
    but we should eat cows and pig cause they are tasty! I m not bashing non
    vegan but atleast not be hypocrite!

  • Medical officer Ratchet 5 years ago

    at first I didn’t like Jimmy Kimmel but for the past few months I have been
    thinking how funny and genuine he is. Go to hell my old opinion.

  • NLG Stitch 5 years ago

    I live in Wisconsin I hate when people kill animals except deer but only in
    hunting season

  • LRsnipes 5 years ago

    Look. A news team went to Zimbabwe and asked the locals what the thought
    about the lion and they didn’t even know the lion. They chant when they
    kill a lion. Yall are stupid city people…

  • John Poop 5 years ago

    Lions are pests in Africa, they kill all the livestock and destroy
    everything. Zimbabwe makes money off of the lion hunters, and they get
    pests to be taken care of. That lion was the country of Zimbabwe’s not the
    social media. I don’t think there’s a reason to kill lions, but there are
    positives, not just negatives.

  • Dolan 5 years ago

    To everybody who wants to be assholes about this.
    1. This was before the YouTube gaming video, so he isn’t doing this for a
    cover up on what he said in that video.
    2. If you bash on him for crying/tearing up, you’re an asshole. Some people
    have a bigger connection to animals then you…
    3. He isn’t reuploading for more views, the original video was taken down
    due to copyright.

    Try and have a heart guys and for all you gamers (I am one myself). Lay
    off, that YouTube gaming video was a joke and it’s sad how all us gamers
    are getting all sensitive and saying stupid shit like “You messed with the
    wrong community”.

    Please grow up.

  • Devin Mccabe 5 years ago

    yup show a lion who died but nothing about soldiers

  • Ziggy 5 years ago

    get cancer you faggot

  • Steve Holmgren 5 years ago

    Don’t repost on YouTube.

    And Cecil would have eaten a person too if he were hungry. While the
    killing was wrong in nature, it’s still a predator killing another
    predator. It was unfair, but nature doesn’t care that this is a “thing” in
    American news.

    Nature doesn’t give a fuck.

  • Missy Thoensen 5 years ago

    I never saw the first posting. My husband told me about it and asked me to
    watch it. I couldn’t find it. Glad it was reposted. I’ve always thought
    Jimmy was funny and entertaining, but now I have a great deal of respect
    for him. Not that my respect will give his life any meaning….but it’s
    good to see someone with a conscience show he cares.

  • ジムリZimriNeftaly 5 years ago

    hahahaha aaaaah! im going to have so much fun killing that fucking dentist,
    you have no fucking idea!!

  • Cesar Miguel Reyes Bravo 5 years ago

    What happened to celine dion?

  • cartoonydave 5 years ago

    You’re not against hunting but you’re against Youtube Gaming? Wow.

    If you want the millions of people who are on Youtube to respect you
    respect them.

  • Jason McCann 5 years ago

    You’re fake af

  • GHOST OF CAL - 5 years ago

    black people harming innocent lions for no reason. i just dont get them

  • Sebastian Cardoso 5 years ago

    Jimmy Kimmel da man.

  • Adiba Bahram 5 years ago

    Not all Americans? I’m pretty sure Americas fucked as it is.

  • Sparkz King 5 years ago

    This guy can research some bullshit story about a lion and tell it word for
    word, but then he goes on a rant about how ” Stupid ” The gaming side of
    youtube with the only backed up information is Pewdiepies pay check. Dick.

  • Team Black Hartz 5 years ago

    Good video and show the world how this schmuck Really is. Hunting an animal
    that is protected and play the dumb card and say he didn’t know. Killing
    already so many helpless animals makes him invisible? Let the next animal
    point a gun right back at him and see how he feels

  • Daniel Victor 5 years ago

    I’d love nothing more than to break each and every tooth in that dentist’s
    mouth, blind him with a hot spoon, and skin him alive with a flaying knife
    ala Ramsay Bolton nice and slow. Then I’dcrucify him on a hot summer day in
    a dessert. I wont even feed his meat to the animals, I wouldnt want them to
    get poisoned with filth like him.

  • airsoftsupersnake 5 years ago

    Out of all the things to cry about you pick this crap. It’s a stupid
    lion…. Are you kidding me

  • Unlucky Benny 5 years ago

    So no one caught on to his pun? PAWsitive. XD

  • TheAverageNobody 5 years ago

    Fucking americans

  • devin nore 5 years ago

    Most hated man in america? get your priorities straight america….

  • Shane Castle 5 years ago

    cry about it pussy

  • MAN_ON_WHEELZ 5 years ago

    Ha! did you guys replace the gamer-watching video with this old video? lol
    Why? I came back looking for that video!


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