Jimmy Kimmel on Response to Emotional Monologue About Baby & Health Care Debate

Published on May 8, 2017

Jimmy returns from his time off after his newborn son Billy had heart surgery and he talks about the outpouring of love and support he has received, the not-so-nice things some people have said, and he speaks with Louisiana’s Republican Senator Bill Cassidy about the health care debate.

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  • Anthony A. 12 months ago

    I’m so happy your son is doing ok!

  • Gary Turbo 12 months ago

    Trump supporters crawling from under their bridges

  • Jonathan Ventura 12 months ago

    How can you not love this man

  • chill dude 12 months ago

    Condolences from Canada. It’s so sad to see that our powerful neighbor can’t even take care of its own people. Absolutely disgusted.

  • God Likes Porn with Ben the Demon 12 months ago

    Jimmy’s back, and it warms my heart. I hope my health insurance covers heartburn.

  • 3lement2010 12 months ago

    Can we just get Universal healthcare already? Like god damn.

  • Nate Moe 12 months ago

    It took guts for Jimmy to come onto live TV & tell his emotional story while on the verge of crying & it takes an evil person to attack him for doing so. So happy Billy is doing well, we love you Jimmy!

  • fede018 12 months ago

    Why are Republicans so hateful and cranky all the time? God, what a miserable way to live…

  • Geilson Neville 12 months ago

    Wow it’s actually impressive . Politicians used to hide the truth and tell lies as a facade. Now, they just tell lies right in your face and act like their actions have no consequences

  • Carlos Callejo 12 months ago

    As long as money is in politics, healthcare will never be solved. The politicians on both sides don’t want cheaper and effective healthcare because that would cut into the donor’s profits.

  • Sherveen Deuskar 12 months ago

    Newt Gingrich is the cringiest politician ever.

  • Sam 7400 12 months ago

    We need a president like jimmy I don’t mind paying 20,000 for health insurance as long as the unfortunate families that’s can’t afford healthcare get healthcare

  • Abe L 12 months ago

    Well all other modern nations seem just fine in being able to afford a single payer system, so why not do that?

  • jeebs621 12 months ago

    I was waiting for you to rip everyone apart

  • RDS Wrestling - WWE Videos 12 months ago

    Oh hey, a politician that is fighting the good fight.
    A rare breed indeed.

  • Enkidu Mo Shiri 12 months ago

    how about keep the taxes u waste for making war around the world and dropping 16m usd bomb over few dollars tents, and spend it on health care

  • lexi lou 12 months ago

    um. I can see Jimmy being a great president.

  • Havok Sosa 12 months ago

    oh snap, they pissed jimmy off!!

  • Hal Jordan 12 months ago

    I love Jimmy.

  • Ivy Hoss 12 months ago

    I don’t think he finished any of his sentences before he started another one


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