Jimmy Kimmel on Elementary School Shooting in Uvalde, Texas

Published on May 25, 2022

Jimmy responds to the tragic school shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, and talks about 89% of Americans wanting background checks, our cowardly leaders listening to the NRA instead of the people they actually represent, firearms becoming the #1 leading cause of death for American children and teens, Ted Cruz speaking at an NRA event this weekend, the 27 school shootings so far this year in America, and making sure that lawmakers do something about common-sense gun laws. If you can, please support Everytown in their fight against gun violence. https://www.everytown.org/

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  • Joni Jefferys 2 years ago


  • Rose ghaznawi 2 years ago

    you have to be 21 to be able to drink alcohol, but at 18 you can buy as many guns as you want , lets think about that

  • billy budd 2 years ago

    As a European who has been to the US many times and loves the country, it is painful to know that it is backward in so many ways, often against the wishes of the majority of its people. So far as I can tell, the two main reasons for the backwardness – lack of universal health care, lack of proper gun control, poor workplace protections – relate to (a) the worship of big business and (b) the corruption of its politicians.

  • saulo enrique 2 years ago

    We need better parenting we need people to be qualify to have kids we have to be qualify to get a job we need to be qualify to rent an apartment so why evaluate people before they have kids

  • kelleywimberley 2 years ago

    As a second grade teacher and an elementary school teacher for 22 years, I am scared, sad, furious and overcome with empathy. Thank you for being rest Jimmy.

  • bowdenprod 2 years ago

    That video at the end was damning.

    I hope these gun loving republicans are haunted by these kids every moment for the rest of their lives. The blood may as well be on their hands.

  • Judi Thompson 2 years ago

    He’s right. Our demofart leaders are cowards.

  • vmacart 2 years ago

    you are wrong jimmy. these guys obviously HATE their children. all we need to do is see. see what they did to their children during covid. see that THEY only care about themselves. it’s disgusting. the only “kids” they care about are the ones who cant speak for themselves because they have gills.

  • in4cer 2 years ago

    Don’t blame the crooked politicians, blame it on the voters.

  • Zoe Turner 2 years ago

    Jimmy Kimmel should be elected. He always speaks truth to power, he is fair, respectful, and a better man than most politicians.

  • cheese head 2 years ago

    The gun legislation passed in Scotland and Australia was banning private ownership of guns. So why not just say that instead of acting like they allow gun ownership and just regulated it? Where the teenager works has nothing to do with anything. Banning guns is the only answer because human beings are sick. There is no way to regulate the middle. Either everyone has the right to own guns or no one does.

  • Damon Hines 2 years ago

    Right on, Jimmy, it’s just heartbreaking to see this happen again and again. 8”’>/

  • Tony Baloney 2 years ago

    How much money is Jimmy donating to help fortify these schools and protect these children? I bet he keeps his riches in a fortified bank where no one can get to it.

  • D J 2 years ago

    Thank you Jimmy

  • Redmist 78 2 years ago

    Also the cops that were cowards should be held accountable as the parents were trying to get a hold of them for 40 minutes before anything was happening. How many times are cops just chicken or just let the people in the building…. Didn’t that happen and one of the last school shootings? They just show the cop opening the door and running away. When kids lives are at stake you put your life on the line no matter who you are. That’s just an unwritten rule

  • Elvira-Irina Reisinger 2 years ago

    Gimme a break. First thing Cruz or that governor will do is to ask the NRA for more money… to ensure their loyalty. That’s how the game is played. When a war is going rough, factions tighten their ranks.


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