Jimmy Kimmel is BACK and Very Much ALIVE

Published on September 7, 2021

Jimmy returns to the show after his summer off and addresses the many comments of concern for his well-being, being apart from Guillermo, our new set, the number of new COVID cases being up 300% from a year ago, people taking livestock medicine to fight the Coronavirus and internet lunatic Alex Jones giving it a big endorsement, Dr. Jill Biden returning to the classroom, Jeff Bezos investing in a company that intends to reverse the human aging process, and Jimmy thanks the many talented people that filled in for him this summer and shares a video of their fondest memories from hosting.

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  • Christopher Lambright 3 weeks ago

    Is this a ree run? I thought he died 😕

  • Erik Hellekson 3 weeks ago

    How’s your buddy Fauci’s shaky hands holding up? Tang Ping Jimmy Kimmel.Tang Ping Liberal Demonrats

  • DaringDancer 3 weeks ago

    Hes killing himself quiet well on his own.

  • Impuritan 3 weeks ago

    The Nobel Prize was for its work against parasites. It was shown to have antiviral capability against coronaviruses but only at 35 fold the recommended antiparasitic dose. That is noted in the very same publication. I still haven’t looked up the LD50 on ivermectin but I get the feeling that multiplying the standard approved dose for parasitic infection thirty five times over puts it much closer to dead horsies

  • Cynthia Copland 3 weeks ago

    Welcome Back 😘😘😘
    We Missed You!

  • KrazyC MCC 3 weeks ago


  • Fred Hoffman 3 weeks ago

    welcome back jimmy …aint nothing better than the real thang 🙂

  • erimauza13 3 weeks ago

    Yay!!! Jimmy is back…miss you

  • Songs of Sovereignty 3 weeks ago

    Oh Jimmy how I’ve missed you 😂😂

  • Nunuravenous Raven 3 weeks ago

    We missed youuuuuu, Jimmeee!

  • Mike O 3 weeks ago

    Finally jimmy is back I thought they were going to replace him with Ashton. Cutcher

  • LF 3 weeks ago

    Alex Jones is looking good.


  • Don Nefasto 3 weeks ago

    Jimmy, so happy to see you looking good after your left nut got removed.

  • Ramesh Shredtha 3 weeks ago

    Who is hella happy that Jimmy Kimmel is back? I sure am. Welcome back, Jimmy.

  • Born to Wild 3 weeks ago

    You know Merck should say
    “You are going to die if you take our drug”😂

  • Susan Bishop 3 weeks ago

    Right ON Jimmy! A person with a heart attack gets into the ICU and the loser who eats de-wormer can go crawl in a hole. 🙂

  • Taelonar 3 weeks ago

    Please get Chris Pratt back next time.

  • ぃち 3 weeks ago


  • CoroaEntertainment 3 weeks ago

    “Jimmy Kimmel is back” Well, there goes our peace and quiet.

  • hivey67858 2 weeks ago

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