Jimmy Kimmel Has Had Enough of Scumbags Attacking Dr. Fauci for Trying to Keep Us Alive

Published on November 30, 2021

There is a nationwide shortage of maple syrup in Canada forcing them to withdraw from their strategic maple reserves, the CDC is recommending that every American adult get a COVID booster shot with the Omicron variant on the loose, FOX News has been pushing that the real enemy isn’t the virus but rather Dr. Fauci, people like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul continue to make up lies to take Fauci down, a video from September shows Lauren Boebert taking shots at another member of Congress for being Muslim, and there is new competition for Elf on the Shelf.


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  • Lorenzo S. 2 years ago

    9:09 how df short is she?!

  • Richard Lee 2 years ago

    Jimble Kimble!

  • Johnny G 2 years ago

    Please don’t mind those right-wing nuts. All those decades of racism, peasant inbreeding and lack of education must have had a real effect on their intelligence. Maybe they shouldn’t run to a hospital when they get a hard attack where they’d BEG for the latest scientific guidelines, instead they should tune to Fox News and Lyin’ Ted instead, maybe with a few conspiracy theories sprinkled in for good measure. Pathetic.

  • Andral Lorencyl 2 years ago

    As soo as the republican party don’t have the power right away they are looking for a person to go after…no more Obama, no more Hillary so now fauci ….they don’t have no plan for the American people at all..

  • Ryan Webster 2 years ago

    So does Jimmy even do comedy anymore?

  • honey pot 2016 2 years ago

    they are scumbags, actually they are far worst , what are they trying to do ?

  • Mister Derp 2 years ago

    Well done, sir

  • PB S 2 years ago

    These people are on a self-destruction path like mindless cult followers.

  • Heavy Metal Gaming 2 years ago

    It’d be a real shame if Tucker disappeared

  • Workingto Seethelight 2 years ago

    This is is reference to Zuck On A Truck And Billionaire World Domination, And How It Is All Fun And Games Until They Crack Your Skull Open Again… Seems like facebook is alright i think…

  • Mark Born 2 years ago

    Well said Jimmy!

  • Healthcare For All Hawaii 2 years ago

    that was a good one.

  • M.Osm. M. Ali 2 years ago

    yet millions of morons watch TC and FOX daily wow so sad

  • 80thurston 2 years ago

    Trump and all of his cultists are completly proven as idiots and threats to our Democracy. Let the idiots and the Russion bots attack this status in 3…2…1…


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