Jimmy Kimmel & Guillermo Try Pumpkin Spice Spam

Published on September 25, 2019

Pumpkin Spice Spam went on sale yesterday and it sold out immediately. Jimmy is well connected in the canned meat community so he got a hold of some. He wanted to try it so he fries some up and he and Guillermo reveal what they think of it.

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  • Bea FreeAll 8 months ago

    I remember when we had to use the key on the top of the can to open it lol…and boy was that stuff salty…ick..

  • Tostier Waffles 8 months ago

    I think Jimmy is feeding Guillermo too much food, its like he is making him chubby to eat him at thanksgiving hahaha

  • Andres Mendoza 8 months ago

    Guillermo can’t smell anything cause he has good taste unlike jimmy

  • Lisa Sheffield 8 months ago

    Gross lol

  • lesty 8 months ago

    The best, in my opinion, is Spam’s Chorizo flavor…..chopped, browned and then used to top scrambled eggs…very tasty! Growing up in the late 50’s and 60’s, my mom used to stick whole cloves into the whole block of original flavored Spam, top it with brown sugar or honey, and bake it whole…like a ham.

  • Laurie Huntley 8 months ago

    Spam kept a lot of people alive.

  • Hanna Yoon 8 months ago

    White ppl: “it’s not too bad!”

    What do they know about spices and flavors??

  • WDW Videos 8 months ago

    How did we end up here? Smells like balls.

  • Ricardo Sabogal S. 8 months ago

    Nothing from a can is good food for humans

  • COBALT iLLADELPH 8 months ago

    Always good to see a Mexican with a good job?

  • Mr Crowley 8 months ago

    Please eliminate the subtext

  • LeRoach Productions 8 months ago

    I feel like this video was sponsored by spam

  • Lucky Me 8 months ago

    Yeah, kimmel. You would know how many different types of hepatitis there are…. You would.

  • James Bartlett 8 months ago

    Don’t knock spam! Spam fed millions during ww2! I worked at Hormel foods for 25yrs and I can tell you spam is made from the best parts of the ham! ???

  • Ben S. 8 months ago

    That stuff looks like sh%t and Guillermo suffers from Anosmia.

  • MR DREDD66 8 months ago

    Fried spam and fries sandwich!!?

  • Chloe Gadson 8 months ago

    Should have a spam cook off and see who can come up with the best pumpkin spam recipe

  • Alahn White 8 months ago

    Jimmy with those clean cuts?? perfect slices my man

  • tristanhnl 8 months ago

    It’s funny how some people pretend to not like spam, but these same people love hot dogs. It’s the same type of leftover innards, hooves and discarded parts, marinated in a heavy dose of sodium nitrate/nitrite, except spam comes in a can.

  • Darcy Cornish 2.0 8 months ago

    What Guillermo gonna do when My baby dragon flys attack !


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