Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down Trump’s Plan to Steal the Election

Published on September 25, 2020

An asteroid the size of a bus narrowly passed by Earth, and Trump made another history making statement when asked if he would leave the White House after an election loss, has plans to steal the election, continued to talk nonsense about mail-in ballots, his son Donald Trump Jr (DJTJ) went after Joe Biden, Lou Dobbs praised Trump, a Supreme Court Justice Ivanka edition of Lie Witness News, and This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.

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  • sidesw1pe 3 years ago

    The big cheeto has a victim mentality, he’s always complaining how everyone is out to get him. Projection.

  • D W 3 years ago

    Did Playboy refuse Kaylee a job?

  • Randy Shaw 3 years ago

    Thank you Jimmy!

  • jason9022 3 years ago

    Goes to show how stupid most people are, when they interview on the street

  • N. I. 3 years ago

    Really funny, specially the LIE WITNESS NEWS. However I think the crazy girl has a larger face mask to cover her mouth than her tops/bikinis.

  • 37Dionysos 3 years ago

    “Get rid of the ballots and it might stay peaceful….” WHAT? When a heartless half-wit grifter tells you every day in multiple ways that he’s going to steal your election by hook and crook, should you believe him? Default Answer: Yes. God help the good people of the United States. VOTE WHATEVER IT TAKES!!!

  • Richard Johnsen 3 years ago

    Poor Trumperella, at noon on January 20th the coach turns back into a pumpkin and the horses back to rats!!!!!!!!! And prosecutions ad infinitum are in store!!!!!!!!

  • Rck Keller 3 years ago

    Who found what? If this were true every newspaper and news show would be all over it.

  • Tim Morris 3 years ago

    I know it was joke but the zone A, zone B joke is very poignant for American Culture. America is so team oriented that all logic is thrown out in favour of loyalty to your team. Instant group loyalty based on a letter designation

  • 123 456 3 years ago

    Heart skipped a beat

  • JJ Durand 3 years ago

    He’s probably tweeting these people were cheering him.

  • kentucky 3 years ago

    This stupidity is astounding!

  • Sheri Bissi 3 years ago

    I know many people don’t believe in almighty God but I believe in him so those who thinks like that, please let join hands in a very strong prayers because we need it in America now Almighty Allah guide us Ameen summa Ameen

  • ken bell 3 years ago

    So Jimmy, by sending out all these mail-in ballots, everyone that goes to the polls to vote will be given a provisional ballot. Will not be counted on election night. Way to go California.

  • Beau33 3 years ago

    Jimmy is annoying when he talks to his employees like that.

  • Kubla Khan 3 years ago

    The democrats better start boxing clever , quick !


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