Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down Attorney General Barr’s Senate Hearing

Published on May 2, 2019

There was another day of testimony and tumult in the United States Senate, as Donald Trump’s Attorney General William Barr appeared before the Judiciary Committee to explain the way he ‘handled’ the Mueller report. Republicans were very defensive, doing everything they could to change the subject from obstruction, while Democrats called for Barr’s resignation citing that this is all a coverup of a coverup of a coverup. Meanwhile, Trump’s approval rating is at its highest point in two years, and he celebrated by taking to Twitter to vent about Joe Biden’s recent endorsement by the International Association of Fire Fighters.

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  • Edward Blair 1 year ago

    No one has mentioned that the profile pic on the “F Trump” account is a Bernie 2020 badge. That might have been another clue about how the account holder really feels about T-p

  • Leon Madden 1 year ago

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  • Giovanny Rosales 1 year ago

    Barr is a dickless disgrace.

  • Jorge N 1 year ago

    Sen Graham heavy on the ham is a brown nose looser

  • Christopher Fairfield 1 year ago

    “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”
    ― Vladimir Lenin

    Weapons of Mass destruction, gulf of tonkin, Nayirah testimony
    ,jesse smollet

  • Walter Sobchak 1 year ago

    Mueller was a continuation of the ongoing coup. The coup was orchestrated by the Obama administration. Obama gave orders/the ok for the CIA, under John Brennan, to hack into the DNC server and make it appear to be a RUSSIAN hack. The server was then examined by CROWDSTRIKE who found the PLANTED FAKE EVIDENCE of Russian hacking and reported it as a RUSSIAN HACK. This was then linked up to the on-going ILLEGAL SPYING on TRUMP’S TEAM by the FBI, under James Comey, and also under direct orders from then President Obama, to FRAME BOTH TRUMP AND RUSSIA IN THIS PHONEY COLLUSION HOAX. Much of this was a cover for the URANIUM ONE deal which was going to become a huge scandal if Hillary lost. The Uranium One deal enriched many people with foreign bank accounts, not just the CLINTON FOUNDATION. Unfortunately for them, ie Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Lynch, Obama… they lacked the intelligence and where-with-all to pull it off. Hell, they thought Hillary would win since the election was being RIGGED anyway, with fake polls, fraudulent voting, fake news etc. EPIC FAIL. They won’t give up until they are taken down. Soon, they will begin to fall.

  • New Message 1 year ago

    Appropriate that this be covered in a late night monologue… ’cause Barr’s integrity is a friggin’ joke.

  • Aneesh Joshi 1 year ago



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