Jimmy Kimmel & Brad Paisley Welcome Immigrants to America

Published on August 7, 2019

Every week immigrants from all over the world take the oath of citizenship in courthouses, libraries and auditoriums across the country, without much pomp or circumstance. Becoming an American shouldn’t feel like a visit to the DMV. It’s a big deal and we think it deserves a proper celebration so we invited a group of brand new citizens to the show for the welcome they deserve.

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  • SALOMON KALOU 7 months ago

    future rapists

  • M B 7 months ago

    this was really sweet. most americans like to make everyone their boogey man but it’s themselves they are really afraid of. nice job jimmy.

  • Kerosene 7 months ago

    Most of these people are Italian decent. By their last name. Creme of the crop and are professionals. I don’t think these are the ones we want out. Welcome ???
    I dare Jimmy to invite some Guatemalans Hondurans El Salvador MS-13 gang members and celebrate their welcome here. ?

  • Ken Ridley 7 months ago

    What’s so beautiful about this? It’s gives me hope for our country and puts a smile back on my face, after seeing these new citizens to be grateful and pleased to be Americans. Trump will continue to make us look like fools to the world, however we are resolute to take back our country from this menace of American society.

  • howo357 7 months ago

    Isn’t that the nationwide guy!

  • Manav Patel 7 months ago

    I’m not gonna lie that made my cry and me feel proud to be a naturalized citizen from ?? living in ??

  • CaLi_ Art 7 months ago

    How bout those song lyrics? ???

  • Xai Lee 7 months ago

    How can you not love this?? Awesome jimmy!! Just awesome!!

  • B. K 7 months ago

    Jimmy Kimmel is just THE BEST. Such a good man. Such a good American. Thanks, Jimmy. We see you!

  • S Bedollar 7 months ago

    Nice and sweet. Thank you Jimmy!

  • Nadi Nadi 7 months ago

    I love you for this jimmy kümmel!!?????

  • Bob Bobington 7 months ago

    he is foing to be a huge dem asset going into 2020

  • BerlinBourne 7 months ago

    My mother brought me over in 1998 and I’m still struggling with immigration to become a citizen. I’m now 29 and can’t support myself or my 2 year old son. Immigration system is busted/overly complicated. I’m a special case, they say. Yet there are thousands, if not, hundreds of thousands or much much more like me in this ridiculously insanely difficult situation.

  • namogel67 7 months ago

    That was one good looking group of new Americans. The gene pool just got hotter!

  • Dano Duncan 7 months ago

    poor Guillermo… half a mill a year though… I’d do that @#$@ !… 😀

  • Alisa Ortiz 7 months ago

    Made me cry so beautiful welcome all of our new citizens

  • marina njer 7 months ago

    Trump: secretly noting names?

  • Tim Ohail 7 months ago

    Thanks Jimmy for ignoring Trump for a minute to reflect on true American values.

  • last chance 7 months ago

    thank you so much

  • Princess Jayleen 7 months ago

    With all the tragedy that’s happened this past week, this made me feel a bit better. God bless these new citizens! ?


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