Jimmy Fallon and Patty Smyth Dedicate Goodbye to You to President Trump

Published on November 11, 2020

Jimmy and Patty Smyth say goodbye to President Trump by singing a Trump-themed cover of Scandal’s “Goodbye to You.”

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  • Biohacker Lifestyles 3 weeks ago

    Hold your horses guys President Trump will have the last laugh. Wait til the court decides and be surprised. You will be singing this song to fraudulent sleepy joe soon

  • Scott Parramore 3 weeks ago

    F…ck ya that was awesome

  • Tingdzin Kochu 3 weeks ago

    It is my considered judgment, that Ms. Smyth and Jimmie F should be nominated for the Congressional Medal of Honor, to enshrine this fierce act of patriotism.

  • Leo M21 3 weeks ago

    Team coco here, this is amazing.
    I can dance to this.

  • Diandra Kayla 3 weeks ago

    The content we never expect but we actually need

  • Alejandro Malla 3 weeks ago

    Good luck with that…

  • mommy mommy 3 weeks ago

    I really love it the song. I like you guys.

  • Themed 3 weeks ago

    Fallon and kimmel are ending him 😂😂😂😂😂

  • warrior Dog 3 weeks ago

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOODBY TO YOU…….

  • tee bizz 3 weeks ago

    Lame ass Fallon . Enjoy your 77 year old child sniffing new President, & may his dead crack head son rip . Communist Hollywood elites can bite it .

  • np 3 weeks ago


  • Markus A Man. 3 weeks ago

    **********Here’s why this is happening! In Trump’s America you go to prison for 10 years for killing a (Exodus20:4) statue, but for killing a Black person you go free. This is the man who says, that he has done more for Blacks than any President. That would imply that no President has done any thing, as justice should be the very lowest form of support, which Trump has brought zero justice for them. America, please keep reading to see, what I am talking about! This is what is happening in America? It seams to be under attack by the Roman Catholic Church. There was a man shot, who some say, that the man attacked Police, but I say where did you get your video of the Philadelphia shooting, because the one I seen, the guy never attacked the Police? Two Police officers shot him from over 10 feet away. He wasn’t even facing their direction. Is Trump who he claims to be? Remember Herod, the Roman Governor of Judah at the time of Jesus. He was restoring the Temple of his day, but when he heard of the Messiah’s soon arrival, he had all the children in that area 2 years and under put to death. The Roman Empire is a master at deception. Please keep reading to learn more! Antifa means anti Fascists. The Fascists are those people like Hitler, and Mussolini, which directly killed 12,000,000 human beings and 60,000,000+ through their war. Fascism is the joining of government with fake religion. Where they exterminate people. Antifa opposes the extermination of people. Trump is an unbelievable tyrant. We seen George Floyd get suffocated by 3 Police officers, Jacob Blake shot unarmed in the back, a Black woman shot through a window by Police while she was playing video games with her nephew, and many more killings by Police of unarmed people. The person shot this time was 10 feet away from apparently full grown men with guns, so why could they not have subdued him with out killing him. Why be so quick to shoot for one thing? Why not use the baton to knock out the knife, if he had one. He was not charging at them. They could have shot him in the shoulder. This could be a Trump staged event, as he is a tyrant. There is a fake video that shows him swiping at the Police, but what really happened was, when the Police fired all those bullets(5-8?)he dropped down to the ground. This could be like the German kid(Kyle Rittenhouse)(YouTube video……watch?v=rqSjCtOPY8I) Trump sent in to kill in Kenosha, to cover up the killing of Jacob Blake, so that people will associate the violence to the wrong group. Kyle was sent by the police to Kenosha to kill some one, so as to create a smoke scream for the killing of Jacob Blake. The police throw the semi automatic rifle holding group some bottles of water from a Police armored vehicle, including Kyle. The Police thank them for coming. Kyle doning his blue latex gloves(same gloves the Police use when they kill) kills a person, after the armed group tells people to quit filming. Kyle runs from there after calling to say he killed. He runs to the group of armored police vehicles two blocks away, but not before killing an other man who tried to stop him because of the first killing, and shot a third person also, blowing half his bicep completely off. Kyle walked right by the Police armored vehicles still carrying his semi automatic rifle and left the state, even though the police must have heard all the shots, and people yelling to them, this is the guy who shot all those people. Police are not that stupid, evil but not stupid. This was a staged event. The blue latex gloves show the premeditation. The armed group told people to turn of their cameras(this is on video). This is the Pope waging war on you America. This was to make you hate Antifa and BLM. Some one from media should ask Trump, why Antifa has been labeled a terrorist organization! Was it because they shot these three people. It would have been. The Pope has a Greek false prophetess falsly prophesying your destruction . A so called Christian prophet(a man Robin Bullock) who prophesied (announced the planned pandemic) before it happened, also says that democrates will disappear after the election. They are telling what they are doing, in advance. The Roman empire still exists today. It is controlled by a religious leader, the Pope. He is the man sitting in the Temple(false temple), who is the King above the Kings of the earth of Revelation/Apocalypse17,18 of the Bible. The Pope is the King of the Vatican City State. That is the only place in the world with a King ruling over a city, and definitely the only one ruling over nation states. He controls the Empire, including Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Britain, Turkey, and Italy, along with the territories they conquered. There was 10 kings before and will or already is 10 kings again. Although the prophecy of Revelation/Apocalypse17,18 belongs to the Papal false religious system that rides the Roman Empire, it tries to make America to think it is you. Trump is working with Rome, to destroy it’s enemies around the world. Rome was responsible for the Nazi holocaust of world war two, by two Catholics Hitler and Mussolini. Hitler used a fake typhus epidemic to round up people in to concentration camps, and extermination camps, but before that he smashed, burned, looted and destroyed businesses. Today the same things are going on, accept it is a Corona virus, and it is different people’s livelihoods that are being destroyed. Alex Jones is an other participant. He has already falsely called for on many many occasions, for the killing of people, and is a lap dog of Trump, where Trump can do any thing and get away with it. So much for Alex being a champion of truth. He had a reporter at the Kenosha protest, and knows what went down there with Kyle. He is totally compromised. Alex Jones now calling for the mass killing of Americans, and asking Trump to issue mass death warrants. Alex Jones is complaining about Hoywood being full of pediphiles, when actually it is the Catholic Church, that is full of them. Hollywood made a documentary on it, so that is why they are attacking Hollywood. There was over 90 little boys molested by Catholic Priests, in (one) city alone. This false Church/Empire are responsible for all slaughters on earth. Revelation/Apocalypse18 near the end says, in her was found the blood of the prophets(John the Baptist beheaded by the Roman governor or Judea, Herod), Holy ones(all through history, including Jesus(crucified), and all those exterminated from the earth(Jews and others WW2, Rawanda, slaughter of the Americas, etc…). Another extermination like during world war two is going on right now. A false Christian prophet named Robin Bullock(a man) foretold the pandemic in advance, and the disappearing of the Democratic party, but now says, that plague is not the answer, but to start praying for famine, and here is the video (**youtube.com/watch?v=HIKOXyxlhag)** Does this mean, because I exposed the fake pandemic, that now they are switching to famine as the attack. Keep reading! Over 2,000,000 acres of America has burned, cities have been wiped from existence. America, you are in a war right now, and your current President has betrayed you. Was “Operation Dark Winter” the training manual for this global war of the Church, on the truth. “Operation Dark Winter” was a training scenario of an epidemic, and all the results of it. The German Nazis would stick an automobile exhaust hose in your home’s window, or pick people up for quarantine with a truck, which had the engine exhaust going in to the back, where the people were. The Nazis also used Zychlon B gas(which I think was hydrogen sulfide pellets, which became an odorless gas, when exposed to air), which would suffocate people. Today people are being radiated, with electromagnetic radiation. It can leave you short of breath, your stomach swells, and your brain swells and becomes sore and hot, and your muscles can twitch. Look in to what a Faraday cage does, to get some relief. There is a continuous hissing sound. I noticed they start radiating about a half hour after your light and TV go off, so they have some way of determining that(coloberators?). There is also a type of weapon that can make your heart palpate funny, like you are going to have a heart attack(an upside down pot over your heart can stop that. Some people will have not even known this was happening while you sleep, but you would be getting run down and irritable. The German Nazis would cremate the bodies, which I know is going on in NewYork state, and Italy at least. The Bible mentions that Jesus’s(Yeshua’s) followers sold all their possessions, and had all things in common. This is a form of communism. The false church hates it and wages war against it, and that is why Trump is trying to start a war against Russia and China. People of earth must resist tyranny where ever it appears. There is a self described Christian leader Kevin Zadai, who says, that Christians are very powerful, and he invites his (watch his YouTube video…watch?v=puiMoHT5Vt8) followers to join him and Trump, as they do a historic cleansing. Is this guy openly talking about a holocaust like extermination? The police took part in rounding people up for Hitler, and they can be seen as not very people friendly.(they get paid by the state) Watch the video on YouTube, “Will Trump Bring About Genocide And World War” parts 1 and 2*****************

  • Blah blah Baby 3 weeks ago

    I feel a PLOT TWIST coming on.

  • Welcome to the Golden Page 3 weeks ago

    The reason shows are acting this way now is because when Trump wins, the Biden people will go nutzo marching the streets again holding signs to the sky and the media. That way they can claim spikes in covid around the country to impose stricter lockdowns.

  • Don'z Lockz 3 weeks ago

    Good riddence, not goodbye!

  • Juan Valdez 3 weeks ago

    In America, when you lose an election, you graciously concede, congratulate your opponent, and then pack your bags and move on. You right-wing kooks, I will never forget, or forgive. You will never have my votes, or my money again. You are doing permanent damage to your party. The Democrats will now have my loyalty for the balance of my life.

  • Lisa Davis 3 weeks ago

    thanks Jimmy and Patty!!!!

  • wiss Last 3 weeks ago

    Who’s watching this in 1/20/2021

  • KC Nwokoye 3 weeks ago

    This is good ha!

  • Jessica Lynn 3 weeks ago

    Flippin’ love this! Yes yes yes!!!


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