Jimmy and Questlove Fan Boy Out Interviewing Mike D and Adrock

Published on April 10, 2020

Beastie Boys superfans Jimmy and Questlove geek out as they video chat with Mike D and Adrock about their teenage history together, “Cooky Puss” controversy and live documentary, Beastie Boys Story.

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  • Macro Discovery 3 years ago

    ❗8 Tips on How to Survive Wild Animal Attacks In Hindi 🌹🌹

  • Basheer Muhammad 3 years ago

    “Hold it Now, Hit It”, has that dope drum break.

  • Aiko Ladesma 3 years ago

    I’m so happy they did this and respects and love to Beastie Boys ♥️✨✌🏽✊🏽

  • anelam71 3 years ago

    The wop was big in Baltimore!

  • Emily Blanz 3 years ago

    Beastie Boys got me through my adolescence. I still rock shell toes to this day, bc of them and Run DMC. This interview is the best thing to happen during this quarantine

  • The Green Queen 3 years ago

    Toni Basil was my first record and Sugarhill Gang was my second, then everything changed

  • emmasmem 3 years ago

    Bummed to hear Spike cut the ring story!

  • Y E P 3 years ago

    Anyone else who can’t see the recommended videos?

  • Anne Bradley 3 years ago

    I’m glad Quest Love is with Jimmy because this guy seems oblivious about how he comes across to the public….They got better after about 10 min.

  • MK 3 years ago

    Just listened to music history, thank you Jimmy Fallon, more please.

  • Matt Gower 3 years ago

    What is Harold last name?

  • O. B. 3 years ago

    He can’t go into the garage, because the garage is where all the toilet paper is stored.

  • Matt Gower 3 years ago

    Jimmy Thomas Fallon everyone. Friends session. Cool people really liked the show. Cool people.

  • Tracy Jackson 3 years ago

    QuestLove needs a podcast.

  • Tonia T 3 years ago

    We did the wop n dc… I thought it was everywhere 💃🏽

  • Danny Klimt Art 3 years ago

    Strange, seeing Questlove with another hairstyle

  • Yach Family 3 years ago

    #quarantine #update https://youtu.be/MIYYKkQE3W0 😊

  • reallyreallltalk 3 years ago

    man, mike d has the best energy 🌞

  • Blu mcRae 3 years ago

    I remember Columbia Records Iam glad to see I wasn’t the only one that didn’t pay 😀 My dad got me my first L.P it was Goat Head Soup ,I believe Angie was the hit.
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane boys.


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