Jimmy and Conor McGregor Hang Out and Sing at an Irish Pub

Published on March 25, 2019

Jimmy interviews Conor McGregor at Paddy Reilly’s Music Bar, where they chat about the UFC champion’s Proper No. Twelve whiskey, his days as a plumber long before becoming a notorious fighter and giving back.

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  • darth sith 9 months ago

    The male version of Ronda rousey smh
    What a coward!!!

  • John Doe 9 months ago

    Please don’t send location to Khabib.

  • Andrew Yaco 9 months ago

    oh look, its rapist mc shithead

  • Cormac Harrington 9 months ago

    Conor laughs like captain barbossa from pirates of the Caribbean

  • GrayWolfGaming 9 months ago

    Did he stomp on anyone’s phone?

  • imnumber7dogg 9 months ago

    The mcgregor story is becoming like the Macbeth story

  • Mike Jones 9 months ago

    This how I sound when I pop one of my adderols and drink 😂

  • Zakariya Ali 9 months ago

    Jimmy O’falon 😂

  • Spike Spiegel 9 months ago

    When Conor was talking about heroic stuff
    It was khabib who was striking in my mind he is a true hero

  • Llama Who time travels 9 months ago

    You can keep him

  • insan ncan 9 months ago

    Mamamamamamamaaa 👎

  • 12-Gage MMA 9 months ago

    Conor’s mom is always in the background

  • Jazz Bands 9 months ago

    came from nothing and conquered the world. always will be the original champ champ.hope hes focused for his return. Conor v Eddie, that Conor is the one id like to see. speed precision accuracy. long live the king.

  • Ezzie Satur 9 months ago

    How tf is a 140 million dollar worth man just walking around pubs at night time without any security?

  • Chris Bennett 9 months ago

    Conor McGregor is a fucking fraud and I am soooooo surprised you all did not call him out. That walk that all of these fake bearded Conors walk around doing is stolen. The Conor McGregor walk, realize he bit that sh!+ from George Jefferson from the sitcom The Jeffersons. Hes a fraud and yall bought that shit! Do ya homework. How long will it take for yall to figure it out?

  • Avideep Pradhan 9 months ago

    Why does the guy behind Mcgregor look like he’s going to stab jimmy with an ice pick if he says anything remotely offensive 😂

  • Max Okelly 9 months ago

    conor u hot in there bro

  • chris stucki 9 months ago

    That swill isnt even twelve years old?? Haha gross

  • MIKEDIDDY 9 months ago

    Childrens hospital huh? Good things huh? Lets let the dying children drink some “prop” alcohol right??

  • Kyle Waley 9 months ago

    The most intense non confrontational interview of all time


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