Jim Sciutto: ‘Star Wars’ Like Conflict Is Actually Happening

Published on May 24, 2019

‘The Shadow War’ author Jim Sciutto describes the U.S.’s conflict with China and Russia as comparable to ‘Star Wars.’ #LSSC #Colbert #JimSciutto

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  • Jacob Zondag 1 year ago

    The type of democracy the US has, in which one person concentrates decision making and policy, does not allow for a long term vision on any field.
    That’s why it’s only capable to react to events, rather than to anticipate and be consistent.
    History bears witness.

  • Mark Callaghan 1 year ago

    Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could appear on the show when they don’t have a book or film to promote

  • PURPLE PUCKER 1 year ago

    History is just repeating itself.

  • ze 1 year ago

    But is anyone pro Sciutto? Not me…

  • New Message 1 year ago

    “Eric… I’m not your father!”
    “Actually, you are, Dad…”
    “No.. No… That’s not true… That’s impossible!”

  • N AY 1 year ago

    Fear mongering psychopath. He has money on his mind not national security.

  • Firey Flower 1 year ago

    I love how its missed out Americas aggressive interference in the politics of other countries, and the subsequent thousands of deaths eg Chile

  • Sandy J Renfroe 1 year ago

    All of our communications also depends upon those GPS satellites. Each phone company central office depends on getting that signal from several GPS satellites, if it loses that signal, then it can’t sync up with another central office. If that happens then ALL communications goes down. All phone calls, ATM’s, banking, cable, burglar & fire alarms, mobile calls, 911, video cameras, traffic signals, gas pumps, credit transactions, internet,
    TV broadcasting, weather monitoring, EVERYTHING goes down. It all depends on fiercely accurate clocks to coordinate the signals. If the clocks get out of sync, then everything gets garbled. Anything electronic needs to be in sync.

    It would be so easy to disrupt this country. The very idea of hunter/killer satellites is massively frightening. There are so many satellites we depend on up there.

    There is also an increasing amount of debris in orbit. All it would take is to give one satellite a good hard smack, it would be like a game of pinball up there. It would be like that movie “Gravity”, everything would be colliding into everything else, we could “lose” virtually everything in orbit. It would put us back in the Stone Age.

  • Leanne Paxton 1 year ago

    Ok…… Well that interview wasn’t long enough. Not by a mile. He can’t just drop all of those bombshells on us and not go into more details.
    Stephen, please….. you have to get this guy back tomorrow for a proper interview about all of this space laser talk! Dedicate a whole show to this conversation. ?

  • catalinacurio 1 year ago

    Imagine the chaos trump would cause with a space ship! ????

  • Peter Mullins 1 year ago

    Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re NOT out to get you!

  • Nancy Chandler 1 year ago

    Curious..Do you know the name of worms in space?? Much safer than submarines.

  • JonandIvy Jones 1 year ago

    Ah, and here’s the late night shows on why we can’t have huawei phones. Not that I ever wanted one but it’s funny how all of the media organizations have to explain to us that there’s a big ole enemy out there called China, and they’re coming to knock over all of our pizza huts if we don’t stop buying their phones.

  • 230968 1 year ago

    Selling fear is the easiest thing to make money and not be asked questions about where and how the money is spent. Adding a bit of technology makes the whole job easier.

  • Silverlight983 1 year ago

    This guy from CNN is full of it. No wonder Trump called them “fake news”. Chinese will kill you and your family!!?? What a fxxxk idiot.

  • Julia Connell 1 year ago

    great – as if coping with drumpf wasn’t enough

  • David C Witkin 1 year ago

    Russia is your drunk friend at the party….LOL

  • amodedoma 1 year ago

    The largest military budget in the world by far. You can be sure that the shadow war in space and on the ground is being led by the USA. Calling attention to enemy activities is just part of the traditional propaganda of conflict.

  • EC 1 year ago

    Ad hominem towards Chinese people on Colbert. Not cool.

  • Cave Jug 1 year ago

    Am I hearing saber rattling? This guy is not Dick Cheney, is he?


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