Jim Jeffries Almost Got To Work With Martin Scorsese

Published on August 11, 2017

We ran a little short on time in last night’s episode, but this story Jim Jefferies told us about almost being in a Scorsese film was too good to not share.

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  • F. N. Lorter 2 years ago

    Scorsese became the world’s greatest filmmaker after Kubrick passed away.

  • Jacob Rose 2 years ago


  • César Madero 2 years ago

    ”Will try to get your work in 20 years” LMAO

  • fazeel ashraf 2 years ago

    fucking hate stephen’s dismissive attitude towards jim in this interview jim’s a fucking legend show him some respect

  • Brendan X 2 years ago

    It’s pretty obvious that Stephen doesn’t like him.

  • koolerthanapolarbear 2 years ago

    what the fuck stephen?!?! thats goddamn jim jefferies, fucking laugh!!

  • Umang Gupta 2 years ago

    Did anyone get the impression Jim is a little bitter about that whole story? Maybe that’s why he’s telling it in public. Even Stephen looked uncomfortable.

  • Evan Wang 2 years ago

    Wow Stephen goes wide with the spirit of CBS

  • Hovercraft 2 years ago

    So uhm, what’s up with Stephen never laughing when interviewing brilliant, ballsy, actually legendary comedians? First Bill Burr and now Jim. Not saying he’s intimidated by other talented, funny people, but he’s a talk show host for God’s sake. It’s his job is to play off his guests and people like Bill and Jim are the easiest to play off of considering how quick-witted they are. Can anyone offer an explanation to his behavior, or lack thereof, when it comes to other big comedians?

  • Mujtaba Ibrahim 2 years ago

    oh boy, here comes the hate comments.

  • The Dashboard 2 years ago

    Stephen seemed really distant during this interview

  • eduardo estrella 2 years ago

    ppl get angry when Jimmy Fallon laughs too much, then get angry when Stephen Colbert doesn’t laugh.

  • pulkmees 2 years ago

    Jeesus you fucks, he doesn’t laugh because he is listening to the story. Not every part of the story is a fucking full belly laugh. Why the hell would he disrupt his story ? How the fuck do you read anything but curiosity into his behaviour.

  • Andre 2 years ago

    Guys, can we take a moment to appreciate Jim for going a whole interview without saying the word Cunt!

  • tinytanks 2 years ago

    between this and the other half of his interview, I can understand why the British think of Australians as such classless boobs.

  • Lyne M 2 years ago

    I don’t know this comedian but the story was funny. Stephen needs to act like he thinks something is funny. I mean TV is acting, so do that even if you don’t think someone is funny.

  • Trekkie626 2 years ago

    I think Stephen is concerned that Jim won’t control his language.

  • 02nf2i 2 years ago

    He’s fucking hilarious

  • Rick Monder 2 years ago

    What the hell STEPHEN! Seriously! You don’t like the guy, don’t fucking bring him to your show.. That was hard to watch..

  • MrIlleism 2 years ago

    Ps: Maybe I am high but Stephen I believe was really into the story. Didn’t do much to interrupt him. Don’t hate guys, Jim will be back 😉


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