Jim Himes – Laying Out the Facts in Trump’s Impeachment Inquiry | The Daily Show



  • no halo 3 years ago

    This impeachment hearing is a fraud and these corrupt democrats are just sore losers,Adam Schiff is dirty and will cause a civil war.

  • M 3 years ago

    Wannabe dictator Dorito Tangerini lashing out at Amb. Yovanovich, live tweeting during her testimony before Congress….
    Trademark of a Stable Genius.

  • Solomon The Third 3 years ago

    Game on

  • ShareThisFastDOTcom 3 years ago

    Allow me to lay out the “facts” for you; They’re being made up as they go. If it’s repeated then it’s a fact according to the Ministry of Truth.

  • Goodtohave Inajam 3 years ago

    Next up–play for pay for the ambassador to the Bahamas. Millionaire paid half a mil for the position, I want to see Donny Dotard going to the Federal Penitentiary. High Crimes.

  • tomb613 3 years ago

    People need to reply with this statement when a defender of trump says anything about Biden, “Even if Biden committed a crime it does not mean Trump is innocent.

  • Scott Wallace 3 years ago

    Jim Himes is a credit to American democratic ideals.

  • Arnoldi 254 3 years ago

    Good evening from Nairobi

  • HOMER DRUMPF 3 years ago

    If a suicide bombers jacket didnt explode .. Is he free to go?

  • Sirkka Stephens 3 years ago

    What do you think of people showing support of Trump by giving him a huge campaign fund?

  • Michael Rowsell 3 years ago

    If a President can interfere in elections ,then how can elections solve the problem of a corrupt President.

  • BladesWillxBleed 3 years ago

    I’ve always thought along the lines of positive Republican idea’s. Today idk what I could possibly call myself beside “centrist” or independent. Everyone let’s fucking please stop saying “All republicans” or implying it because it simply is not! Many many of them are also against the president on this including myself and implying they aren’t is really implementing toxic partisanship and further dividing the country so many politicians and even Trevor are seemingly pretending to unify.

  • True Black Knight 3 years ago

    Ok I totally agree ???????????

  • Kelly Beresfordcole 3 years ago

    Ever since Trump has been in office Republican have made excuses for the idiot billionaire. TRUMP has no bounds someone this narcissistic has no feelings for no one but him self,

  • iwillkillyouamanda 3 years ago

    That’s my congressman!!

  • Johnny Dale 3 years ago

    Jim Himes will survive next election as he is a honest person , git rid of trump he is corrupt

  • Barbara Bueno-Welton 3 years ago


  • Rubendez Guitar Tips 3 years ago

    all over the world we provide clean elections…like in bolivia

  • Stephen Paulson 3 years ago

    I’m no fan of Trump, but… You have to admit Hunter Bidens business in Ukrain is seriously suspicious.

  • Sosume 1 3 years ago

    Democrats are bussing illegals all over America in order to subvert our legal voting system, they are attacking our freedoms, by attacking our constitution. Once American is disarmed, they will begin putting citizens in concentration camp also known as fema camps. Thos is the New World Order addenda.


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