Jim Gaffigan Went to a Drake Concert in Las Vegas at 3 AM to Impress His Son

Published on November 7, 2019

Jim Gaffigan explains his issues with marathons, pitches a crazy way to make them more interesting and talks about attending a Drake concert to impress his son.

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  • Oisky Poisky 11 months ago

    Everyone SHOULD watch Seth’s special. I did see it and it’s amazing.

  • Banin Amini 11 months ago

    They should totally go along with the car plan

  • will crow 11 months ago

    Jim really is a ‘latin heart throb.’ Just like he said.

  • Rainydaygirl57 11 months ago

    Seth’s special is great. Just watched it today. (this is an unpaid endorsement)

  • New Message 11 months ago

    I vote for big cats. At certain locations along the marathon route, there are leopards , or a small pride of lions, or the odd jaguar in a tree overhanging the route. Teach the kids about the circle of life, AND good sportsmanship all at once.

  • Jonathan Stewart 11 months ago

    Mow down the marathoners with a truck. Why didn’t the Tsarnaev brothers think of that? Not funny.

  • gunther giesl 11 months ago

    Wait…was Jim Gaffigan kidding when he said that Drake got paid 2 million dollars for 1 hour of work?… Naah, he was kidding right?….if not…I hope Drake donated all the proceeds to charity!

  • Jet Bizzle 11 months ago

    To mill for a one hour show… damn Drake. Jim is way cooler than Drake


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