Jim Carrey on the Inspiration Behind His Paintings

Published on May 23, 2017

Jim Carrey shows some of his paintings and talks about what inspired him to make each of them.

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  • Alex mcmovies 3 years ago


  • Mek D 3 years ago

    Jim Guru ?

  • GAHHBU 3 years ago

    a comedian version of Jesus Christ!

  • cats cats 3 years ago

    love this man ?

  • Juls Marabe 3 years ago

    Can we see THE MASK 2 ? With this man as a lead star again ☝

  • blameitonablackstar 3 years ago

    Wow, his paintings are so cool! I love the meaning behind of the first one especially.

  • Michael Scott 3 years ago

    You call that paintings?
    I hate those kind of paintings you can see what it is!

  • darkeye2020 3 years ago

    Jim Carrey looks like a ballsack

  • LAIDBACKMANNER 3 years ago

    0:59 – 1:14. That was a deep and beautiful opinion of life… Jim Carry has definitely used the tool that is psychedelics.

  • Taysa Tromp 3 years ago

    wawwww love the paintings!..

  • Mr. Nobody 3 years ago

    Charlies Manson is out of prison!?

  • Timo Alho 3 years ago

    I’m so glad he has found an outlet to his beautiful, insightful, crazy chaotic mind. Better let it explode to the canvas than let it consume your mind from the inside. I still would love to see him in some wacky movies 🙂

  • camelshit 3 years ago

    While appreciating Carrey for being a good actor and an exceptional physical comedian, I have always had a feeling of him being a troubled man, and I have also always thought: “he has kind eyes”. Those are some strong paintings. He seems to have gained some insight in life, with whatever he has been through . . Yes; we are all energy, conscious awareness, though ironically most of us lacks awareness of this fact. And yep I myself am broken in some way, that much I can attest to.

    I would love to see you in more movies, Jim.

  • MamaBear Angela 3 years ago

    It is SOOO irritating to have to watch FOUR videos to get this whole interview. Seriously? I would have been okay with two but four? Come on. Jim Carrey is the coolest, by the way and I love Jimmy Kimmel. Can you please give us a break though?

  • Monsoon Cortex 3 years ago

    Alan Watts anyone?


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