Jessica Williams on Moving Back to LA, Her Parents Flirting & Landing The Daily Show Job at 22

Published on November 10, 2021

Jessica talks about being hired to be a correspondent on “The Daily Show,” meeting Jon Stewart in a suit from TJ Maxx, moving back to LA, watching “The Bachelorette” with her mom, her parents still being very much in love, and her show “Love Life” on HBO Max.

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  • DAMANIQ PHILLIP 8 months ago

    Awesome 🤩

  • mac de guzman 8 months ago


  • HoodMask4747 8 months ago

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  • Turbojonny5 8 months ago

    She’s cute

  • Monica X 8 months ago

    Is she pregnant? Why the dress?

  • Samba The HusQueen 8 months ago

    looooooove the dress!!

  • New Message 8 months ago

    When I got my first job in comedy, I called my Mom first too.

    To gloat, and rub it in her face, but… still.

  • loveforeignaccents 8 months ago

    That dress though… 🤣

  • Peace & Namaste 8 months ago

    She better be 9 months pregnant with that ridiculous clown suit. Cmon sis!

  • Andrew Wood 8 months ago

    She’s fake. I went to see her speak at CU-Denver. She no call no showed. We all waited awhile. I’m definitely not a fan of her.

  • Hola! 8 months ago

    She’s fantastic in Love Life it’s so good to see her doing her thing and I almost forgot how mad funny she is. I absolutely love her.

  • Sandi Day 8 months ago

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