Jessica Chastain Used Men as Eye Candy in Her Female-Fronted Film, The 355

Published on October 6, 2020

Jessica Chastain explains what it is like to quarantine with her grandmother, discusses the inspiration behind her female-centered new film The 355 and talks about what it was like filming during the pandemic.

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  • New Message 3 years ago

    Grandma’s social is about to blow up.

  • Chris Ashcroft 3 years ago

    I wonder if men could do the same without being pushed into the woodchipper by feminists? Of course not. That would be equality!

  • New Message 3 years ago

    Do the Bond Boys get great double-entendre names, too?

  • Greg Cannell 3 years ago

    I would destroy her

  • Gandhi 3 years ago

    She looks beautiful even at 43.

  • johnson darryl 3 years ago

    I don’t want to hear complaints when males do the same then. Even if they have been doing it for years. If it wasn’t an issue then it shouldn’t be one now. Cause this is now a double standard.

  • Rainhut 3 years ago

    Fun actress

  • Nick Sweat 3 years ago

    Change that video title from “used men” to “used women” and twitter would explode and she’d be “cancelled”. I love strong female leads, most of my favorite horror films have them but these people are being hypocrites. “We’re combating these problems by flipping the table and doing it ourselves!”
    Just make good movies without a damn “woke” checklist.

  • Tim Sawyer 3 years ago

    As soon as she said “Lupita” I was sold. Love that woman!

  • Douna Montazer 3 years ago

    Now I kind of want to go see which MotorcycleGrandma #s are still available and I’m not even a grandma.

  • Hull Style Produtions Change the World 3 years ago

    #knowhisname #clowny please don’t use his birth name.
    Biden is kicking Clownys ass.
    Tiny hands Clowny

  • Aniga W 3 years ago

    Slow the testing down, please!


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