Jesse Williams is so good in his “Grey’s Anatomy” role, that some people think he’s a real doctor!

Published on February 16, 2023
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  • Lady Bexy 10 months ago

    I think they all do an amazing job of learning how to say a lot of jargon and being able to act like they understand it and can perform such choreographed medical emergencies as real. I’ve worked in healthcare, in hospitals and clinics,and Greys is very realistic. Sorry, Jesse has to be put in the position to remind people that he’s an actor, not a doctor. People need to remember that not every show is reality TV!

  • Jesse Torres 10 months ago

    This is Marcus also known as ra9, & he will lead the Android Revolution in 2038.

  • D Bone 10 months ago

    Steven: “When you were on” past tense.

    “Is so good on” present tense.


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