Jeremy Renner on Hawkeye & Ronin in Avengers: Endgame

Published on April 11, 2019

Jeremy talks about his friendship with Paul Rudd, Hawkeye’s new haircut in Avengers: Endgame, the possibility of him turning into Ronin, the new Hawkeye TV series, his favorite line from the Marvel movies, breaking both of his arms while on the set of Tag, and being an honorary special deputy sheriff in Nevada.

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  • Donique Whonder 6 months ago

    Love him

  • Yogesh Mishra 6 months ago

    The best ending to Endgame can be Jean Grey(Sophie Turner) of X-Men decimates Thanos because nobody thought about it and it is the perfect way to introduce X-Men in MCU.. Dark Phoenix will unleash 🔥 🔥

  • Babina Saraswal 6 months ago

    Really missed this guy in the last movie

  • The Ninc 6 months ago

    If lucky the pizza dog isn’t on the TV series then I’m out!!!!!

  • Mr A Cybertron 6 months ago

    He got great hair

  • Check Out My Channel - gLancedUp 6 months ago

    Is Tom Holland doing any interview?

  • Victor Wallec 6 months ago

    hey look, a dude who shots arrows against hyper-intellectual-interdenominational beeings … come on, he is usless (but better than black widow) … should have died instantly

  • sandra weibel 6 months ago

    I‘m in love! This man is so so so funny! 😂😂😂 Missed him so much in IW

  • Onkar More 6 months ago

    He just promoting another movie

  • Irondad & Spiderson 6 months ago

    Where’s the 50 year old virgins press tour??

  • Anastasija Nikolovska 6 months ago

    that shirt tho

  • Abhishek Tarafdar 6 months ago

    Hawkeye shoots an arrow which is carrying Antman into Thanos’s ass. You know what happens next.

  • jig ga 6 months ago

    i’ve never heard about Ronin but dude looks bad ass. wonder if that hey pull that off in the movie since he cant talk about it

  • Carlos Zavala 6 months ago

    Damn I want that shirt!

  • Addhayan Bakhshi 6 months ago

    The audience is dead 💀

  • Rehaab Raza 6 months ago

    I like his new hair🙄🙄

  • aj thorns 6 months ago

    I met him in Reno on his birthday!! Super nice guy.
    Tbh I didn’t notice him until his two HUGE bodyguards walked by, I looked up, then down. He’s kinda short irl. Lmao
    I was in shock, my jaw dropped, he smiled and shook my hand. It was a quick moment, but so nice. Love me some Jeremy!!

  • Bassam Darsaleh 6 months ago

    What a great interview.

  • Krischin Nyles 6 months ago

    Has the whole “ let me try to get a spoiler” become the new “trump joke”? Do people find it funny? Why even bother cause we lnow they can’t talk about it so just stop. You’re wasting precious time u could be asking good questions but instead we play this stupid game that has gotten so old

  • Marvel Memes Channel 6 months ago

    How to avoid spoilers Jeremy Renner : 50 years old virgins in theaters now
    Mark Ruffalo: Can we cut that part ?


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