Jeremy O. Harris – “Slave Play” Inspiration & Future of Theatre | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on February 2, 2021

Jeremy O. Harris discusses “Slave Play,” shares how growing up as a Black kid in the South inspired his work and calls for bailouts to save the theatre industry. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #JeremyOHarris

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  • Yaya Lala 2 years ago

    I am excited to see this. I love entertainment that takes you on a journey. Im desperately craving content that will blow my mind

  • laalaa99stl 2 years ago

    Nah. No need to save theatre. We got TikTok now. That’s out future. Yup. 💃

  • laalaa99stl 2 years ago

    Now that you said it, you HAVE to give us the full Simone Williams fro, Trevor! Come on! Let’s see it! 🦱

  • F YM 2 years ago

    I love every bit of this interview. It was way too short!

  • Alex Siegel-Wazeter 2 years ago

    I hope you both understand that some of “us”, white people, care about all people. I understand what Mr. Harris is saying but please know some of us are embarrassed by the behavior of others, mortified by what they say and speak out against racism every chance we get. I only pull out my Jewish laser for Trump Supporters!

  • LaToya Matson 2 years ago

    This kid is genuinely smart. and it kills me to know that many people will not stop and watch this interview because they don’t know him and because he is black. And for some odd reason they don’t think that black people have anything to say. Go compare interviews on whites and blacks on all shows and unless you’re Chad boswick, kevin hart, and the rock… ya get low ratings. . .

  • ferrarienzo564 2 years ago

    I️ only clicked for the fros

  • Zena McCain 2 years ago

    Did you ask them to pay you to touch your hair? My son did! He came home with all this money in first grade. I asked where did he get it and he told me. Thanks Jeremy!

  • Olivetti 2 years ago

    Please give us the full fro, Trevor!

  • Todd Wright 2 years ago

    At age 15 I was asked to go to prom by a beautiful woman. She is Black. I grew up in such a segregated town that her family was the sole Black family there; I didn’t go with her(I declined all invitations but one). Am I racist? Maybe. However, it didn’t even occur to me that she was Black until decades later.

    Is the mere fact that you acknowledge race–even decades after the fact–racist?

    Since that tender age I have cultivated many non-White friends. I acknowledge the fact that they cannot answer the Census the same way I can; does that make me racist? This is not a simple issue with a binary answer.

    I now must see _Slave Play_ . FWIW, I found _The Hate You Give_ to be one of the powerful and unsettling films of the past decade.

  • saltyturkey 2 years ago


  • brokemyarms idkmlitjkmpis 2 years ago

    I am very big gay

  • THE FOX IS COOL 2 years ago

    He cheated in the fro contest he beat him

  • Jephthah Abbey 2 years ago

    My mom after seeing his grown Trevor’s hair is
    Mom: Is this the guy you said was your role model
    Later, she sees this new guy’s hair
    Mom: What’s up with the hair these days

  • Paarth Saini 2 years ago

    The hoodie thing…. Same, man. I always wear hoodies at home.

  • Mack 1830 2 years ago

    3rd Daily Show notification today. Trevor has a lot to say today

  • Smartass 012 2 years ago

    The same guy Tom Wolf who said the the word of Form intelligence agents and. Technicians in charged the machines unfounded and without evidence. The same guy who remove signature verification the month before the election

  • Bryant Perkins 2 years ago

    Just the fro itself deserves a like

  • emjay morris TV 2 years ago

    I’m still waiting on sweat shirt Trevor


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