Jennifer Lopez and Maluma Talk Marry Me, Crashing Concerts and Performing Together | Tonight Show



  • zimzalabimdenickimenajzalabimzim 2 years ago

    Love to see people living their best life, jennifer looks stunning

  • Avijeet pratap Singh 2 years ago


  • Barry Lyndon 2 years ago

    today tha sky turned red, didnt even get out of bed, didnt even see the sky, didnt need to, plenty high, all these hours, all these days, all these lives, all these ways, ’cause you know theres nothing but time, like, a feeling or the sublime…

    … and Jennifer Lopez in U turn Sean Penn Oliver stone film just brings it all alive and electrified, makes me feel like dancing, even when its slow or some trippy flute, but today just cant be bothered to, you know, do it, and its like, you know I’ll be, like, sitting there, and like, you know, just, like, minding my own business, right?

    … and like a spellbound calico cat in a warm fuzzy sunny window nook, just staring off into space or prizms of light going flash flash flash off glints of passing freshly waxed cars thru the stained glass window pane, or like, l’ll just be looking at a piece of red lint on a blue pillowcase that’s just, you know, there or whatever for, like, no good reason, all different but, like, you know, the same…

    … like an alternate universe, much like this universe except, you know, like, alternate or whatnot…

    … or maybe I just finished reading a book or thinking about a slice of pizza except, like, the pizza looks delicious and everything, but, it’s like, you know, um, like flying away, like in the skies ’cause, um, it’s a slice of pizza with wings, I mean, it’s pizza, like cheese and bread and sauce and all that stuff, but it’s got these like feathery looking wings, like a pizza angel or like that movie with that one actress who is, like, um, you know some kind of obsessive compulsive maniac ballerina who turns into a black swan and has like a mental breakdown or psychosis and there’s tchaichovsky muzik or somesuch…

    … but yeah, I mean, or maybe I’m just chill and got my hookah smoke and some horrorshow dorogoy tunes all gromky flip chumbling shooms in me gulliver, and all, like, you know, just kinda relaxin with my feet up in my smoking slippers, you know, like in my plush arabesque bathrobe the color of profundity and swarthy caramels and I’m just viddying glazy eyed at some videodrome gloopy govoreeting litso blurpblurping its creeching lubbilubs just a malenky bit, as it were…

    … and like dancing is, like, not even in my mind at all, but then she comes in and she’s all like let’s dance or the other and I don’t even really feel like it but she kinda makes me once she hypnotizes me as she starts dancing without me…

    … and she must be a witch because she bewitched me and then it’s like I’m dancing and she’s dancing and both of us are dancing even and I’m kinda glad she cast a spell of entrancement on me because I’m in a trance in a dance and just moving around to the sounds of the musiks and her heartbeat and her smile in her eyes…

    … and long story short, sometimes you just gotta dance even when you don’t really want to, because once you do it then you kinda want to do it, and then it turns out its not so bad after all, and everything just kinda, like, you know, melts away and leaves you just out there dancing without a care in the world…

    … just experiencing the pleasure of movement and the feeling of simplicity where the brain just shuts off and the body takes over, like the endless crashing of ocean waves against a rocky shore just melting into the moon, or like a crustacean full of red jello wobbling precariously and unconsciously concious on the verge of spontaneous combustion or whatnot…

    … phantasmagorically breaching the endless precipice of astonishing verisimilitude crystallized in a trove of promeathean preciousiosities made of patagonially hyperbolic stupendia as it were or somesuch…

  • Arkan Hamza 2 years ago

    Jennifer Lopez is an amazing person

  • Frederic f 2 years ago

    That movie so bad and look alike her movie she used to be in. That movie to me sounds like a group of actors that haven’t made any money recently and want to keep their high living style so they’re just like, let’s make a movie and makes a few million and maybe more if people are dumb enough to go watch it.

  • Asafari Fare 2 years ago

    It does,

  • Asafari Fare 2 years ago


  • Dani 2 years ago

    Wow! Such great energy

  • Bel Suárez 2 years ago

    Yes BRO


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