Jennifer Coolidge Reacts to Ariana Grande and Chloe Fineman’s Impressions of Her | The Tonight Show



  • Jnelle Trim 1 year ago

    Remember God loves you!!!♥️
    John 3:16
    For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.
    please turn your life around and repent🙏
    the clock is ticking……

  • Drank 1 year ago

    This lady and Pharrell Williams are the only people who still look identically the same in the last 30 years

  • Yves Marquez 1 year ago

    From the classic American Pie film!🥧 The one and only MILF!👌 Stifler’s Mom!👱‍♀️ After all this years! Still Hot & Sexy voice!🖤

  • صبايا ستايل 1 year ago

  • meme GOD 1 year ago

    she aged from MILF to GILF but still good tho

  • Hizukow_ 1 year ago

    Stifler’s mom ?

  • Anna W M 1 year ago

    I love her from leggaly blond 😁 She’s always so funny.

  • ce cezard 1 year ago

    She IS so cool and Her

  • Michael Caywood 1 year ago

    I think that Jennifer Coolidge is a very beautiful, young woman 👩.

  • AttackOnMal 1 year ago

    Say what y’all want but..I’m still getting in those ancient guts fym!

  • Yes 1 year ago

    *Can we all agree that when He uploads our days get better! 💖*

  • Carney Art Glass 1 year ago

    They should’ve done a big bang theory episode where the book nerds realize there’s one lawyer who sacrificed their eye and their ear to dismantle the deadliest threats in the history of mankind for the entire country and on an international scale in the longest running murder trials in the history of Washington DC and they deserve 9/10 of the credit for every invention in the country because they gave people the freedom to buy them to protect possess money and plus his great grandfather basically founded General Electric by being one of the head engineers at the beginning of the company. So the book nerds don’t let this guy on the show because they just memorize facts and they don’t wanna look like losers standing next to the person who made those facts possible who now face prejudice for being the greatest hero in the history of mankind in our son can’t find work because of prejudice against genuine heroes. Blossom was the most wasted role on the planet she could’ve been ahead research scientist and you gave her a role in Hollywood. You should’ve gave the Hollywood roll to the bombshell who faces prejudice for being beautiful. Blossom is the type of student who the teacher gives the benefit of the doubt to then pushes down the smartest and most heroic students in the class. Teachers do this because the most heroic student should continue to be heroic and the teachers just trying to push the eyesore girl into working for the local strip mine polluting the entire towns water supply so then we can point out the eyesore and laughAs her people get slaughtered for the fact that she got paid more to pollute the towns water supply than the greatest hero in the history of mankind got paid for dismantling the deadliest gang and terrorist threats in the history of the East Coast

  • WD Harris 1 year ago

    “I want a hotdog real bad….”

  • Pitchfork Studios 1 year ago

    She’ll always be Stifler’s Mom for me.

  • Silentbydeadly 1 year ago

    Jennifer Coolidge has such a kind heart and is blessing to all of us. I also love watching and hearing Ariana Grande’s impersonations of others. Which is always right on the money and her impersonation of Jennifer Coolidge is no different.

  • johnny chimpo. 1 year ago

    Stifler’s Mom has got it going on

  • Sunshineinabag 1 year ago

    @Jamie French does it better.


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