Jennette McCurdy – “I’m Glad My Mom Died” | The Daily Show

Published on September 14, 2022

Author Jennette McCurdy discusses how her relationship with her mother is far more common among child stars than is known, why she believes the message in “I’m Glad My Mom Died” is worth sharing despite potential backlash, and her return to the entertainment industry as a writer, podcaster and director. #DailyShow #Comedy




  • Guindo, The 1 year ago

    some of the people in this comment section really going out of their way to assume Jennette is just a spoiled ungrateful brat, huh? Why is it that whenever someone says their mom was abusive, so many people come out of the woodwork to tell them that they just didn’t appreciate what their mom was trying to do for them? Trevor & Jennette nailed it when they talked about how moms are placed on a pedestal; if the book had been called “I’m Glad My Dad Died” and was about her dad abusing her to achieve his Hollywood dream vicariously through her, I can guarantee you there’d be a whole lot less of this abuse-apologia about it. Is it really _that_ hard to understand that moms are capable of being abusive as well?

  • Caniblmolstr 1 year ago

    Meanwhile Asians be like…. Wait you ain’t supposed to influence your child towards your dreams?

  • Sunil Prajapati 1 year ago

    This is a fantastic interview. Thanks for all the important and necessary questions, Trevor.

  • Asgard 1 year ago

    My gosh! I love how she did grew up and now I admire her as a woman. Kudos Jennette to you for your intelligence and for keeping true to your self even when you were suffering in your personal life. Love to you. Keep strong.

  • Christopher Holst 1 year ago

    She’s a wonderful mind and spirit. If only the world…

  • Dirge Wordsmithe 1 year ago

    Are you kidding me? So we’re just taking any morally reprehensible sentiment, and deeming it “brave” just because a personal experience was bad? There are criminals I wouldn’t say that about. This is horrible and the incessant applause from the audience over literally anything egregiously vile is such a sad commentary on the state and future of human affairs.
    I only watch Trevor now to get a pulse on society and regret it every time. I miss when he was allowed to express how he really felt about the moral climate here…

  • Lex Ruptor 1 year ago

    Nah. Moms are garbage, Dads are the icons. My mom was terribly abusive, but dads, they’re the rock. The stability. The wholesomeness.

  • dynomar 1 year ago

    It is a great message to send because I have a terrible relationship with my mother. And everybody tells me “but she’s still your mother”

  • TheCervix Beater 1 year ago

    She looks like a young phoebe from friends

  • Frau Fuchs 1 year ago

    I watched many interviews with her, and this was by far the best.

  • Star Scarred 1 year ago

    From the bottom of my heart, Thank You.

  • Driver Blaze 1 year ago

    no offense but this screams sacrifice . RIP to her mom , my condolences

  • Joshua Goracio 1 year ago

    I can still see the pain in those eyes at the beginning of this clip, such a terrible thing to lose a mother, no matter whether she is worthy of the pedestal or not, mine most definitely was, but it’s hard no matter what, for better or worse, she was your mom. Seems Jennette is stuck seeking forgiveness and in my case, I’m stuck missing mine. Very hard things to move past when that person is gone. I had no idea she was so wise, articulate, and brave.

  • alfie11141959 1 year ago

    My 2 cents. I feel like we as individuals gain titles we haven’t earned honestly, as we ALL are “works” in progress trying to manage particles of ourselves in our offspring.


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