Jelly Roll – Son of a Sinner



  • Laura Garner 9 months ago

    Yo thought that was rag n bone man for a second

  • Chance Grows Biz 9 months ago

    He has come so far. What a story.

  • Ashley Hasty 9 months ago

    That’s the man !

  • Chris Wilson 9 months ago

    Awesome bro.

  • Steve Hopkins 9 months ago

    Fair play mate I have been a fan of yours since the early days for years now, and it is so so so amazing and great just so great to see all your success you so deserve everything that is happening for you right now. And the missis is your rock also your wealthy beyond words with love around you. I hope it continues for you for the rest of your life and die a legend that you already are.
    Peace and respect sir

  • Lindsey Daenzer 9 months ago

    Such a HUGE win for INDEPENDENT artists!!! Thank you Jelly for doing what you do, and showing the world you don’t need a record label to achieve your dreams! Keep making big strides bubba. Clapping all the way from Indiana💛👏🏼🥹😭

  • Kaylee Rivers 9 months ago

    Let’s go bubba!!!

  • Jenn 9 months ago

    What am amazing voice and man!
    We live you jellyroll keep it going!
    Dreams do come true

  • MDMAndy94 9 months ago

    Dope! as he always has been!

  • Just Joe 9 months ago

    Best artist you’ve guys had on in a while

  • matt brooks 9 months ago

    we love you jellyroll

  • Gilbert Lujan 9 months ago

    Your words are so humbling and I appreciate your music. You deserve all the happiness and success!! Congratulations!! Enjoy your success with your family and your fans!!

  • TroubleBack 9 months ago

    Been on the journey since the legendary hotel freestyle. Glad to see you finally getting the love you you deserve Bubba. Love you brother.

  • lillinsey100 9 months ago

    Jelly! Jelly! Jelly!
    so happy to see you finally getting recognition & the love that you deserve.

  • Ava RoSe Sᴇx Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ 21 9 months ago

    The opery and now here. Jelly has done it folks. Proud to have been on this journey with your music. Thank you for helping make my life and others better. Let’s show the world!

  • Ruth Villa 9 months ago

    Jelly Roll your amazing!! You have helped me in this life. I listen to you everyday seen you 3xs your my inspiration. See you in Clarkston MI

  • Chelsie Golan 9 months ago

    Jelly roll has finalllly made it baby! As he should!!!! Im soooo happy he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves!!!!

  • Dm222 Dm222 9 months ago

    Jimmy Kimmel is garbage but I have to tune in to support jelly roll.

  • Jonathan Mullens 9 months ago

    So proud of ya Jellyroll!

  • Cold Cody 9 months ago

    You deserve it big man, good job 👏


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