Jeffrey Dean Morgan Bought a Tesla While High on Weed Gummies

Published on March 19, 2021

Jeffrey talks about working a lot during quarantine, getting the flu as soon as he was able to take a break, not remembering that he purchased a Tesla while high on gummies, the season finale of “The Walking Dead,” and the possibility of a Negan spinoff.


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  • Eric G 2 years ago

    yeah that’s called being drunk.

  • Janne Väätäinen 2 years ago

    Is it even possible to get so high, that you don’t remember what happened last evening, but still be able to order Tesla online? Impulsive behavior is usually associated with alcohol.

  • davidice1 2 years ago

    I’m only going to like this video if he promises not to do anything unkind to Glenn.

  • Thief of Hyrule 2 years ago

    Let this man be the next Bond villian. That or a leading role. Goddamn so much talent.

  • William Butcher 2 years ago

    Accidentally buying a Tesla haha sooo relatable. Seems like a grandpa trying to sound cool to his grandkids

  • Paul Bickerson 2 years ago

    Am i confused … Gummies make me sleepy

  • Marilyn Monday 2 years ago

    For the most evil character in television history, he’s such a charmboat!

  • TheSilent Knight 2 years ago

    So Here’s Negan will be the season finale episode?!

    I’ll clear my schedule that night🤯😍🌟

  • Ash Lee T Musk *Anr Di Beutiful Desoletion* 2 years ago

    Your wife morgan gave you those , and suposly to the kids also too except not just the masks,or the rest of my jewls maybe by mistake,if it wasnt me to save ur or their butt but who knows,is a ”good comedy ” i supose ! by making fun ,of tesla ppl. good ,i dont hv myself any part to that or any,of it
    you said it
    Jeff( And,your wife also ..) she tons her nails off?..and,wears wigs
    Not much,of a father .. are you, now?! Neggan
    But you forget ..

  • man in woods 2 years ago


  • John Lee Francis 2 years ago

    Morgan you are the most lovable guy in the world and that was a great story. Thank you, God bless, wear a mask ! ✌️

  • Sindollx666x 2 years ago

    Yeah cbd doesn’t get you high. So it HAD to be something else. Must have mixed up THC and CBD, lol.

    Hahaha I was wondering if he was maybe on some gummies while doing this interview, and I just realized I still had the playback speed set to x0.75 coz I was watching a paranormal video just before this and analyzing an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) which is more obvious sometimes with speed either slowed or sped up depending on the evidence. Lolololool. Just forgot to set it back to normal first, it wasn’t till the end when Jimmy appeared to be slurring that I realized it!! 😂🤣👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Adam Baligian 2 years ago

    He must be a great friend to have

  • Colvin Cruden 2 years ago

    Well well well..
    A ninja named Negan.

    Dave Chappelle

  • Daniel Stone 2 years ago

    Just don’t get why they have to claim it’s CBDs and slander them when they’re non-psychoactive. I know he says I think I took the wrong ones but they never clarified that THC was the culprit not Cannabidiol

  • We do NOT deserve Keanu Reeves! 2 years ago

    Hot diggity dog!

  • Belinda Joy 2 years ago

    I have such a crush on Jeffrey. That smile makes me melt.😘

  • lillithdv8 2 years ago

    By all that is holy what a charming dorky man, lol love me some JDM

  • T Electronix 2 years ago

    I’ve always said it: weed is just a gateway drug to electric road transportation.


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