Jeff Watson On How To Survive A Bear Attack

Published on November 18, 2016

Jeff ‘The Bear Man’ Watson describes the differences between black and brown bears, and gives Stephen advice on what to do when encountering one in the wild.

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  • Krishna Prasad 3 years ago

    within 2 min

  • Tripod Threefoot 3 years ago

    We fear the animals and they attack us because humans are known to fuck up
    everything, even someone a kind neighbor we find problems with.

  • s21972012145525 3 years ago

    This was genuinely interesting. I can see why this guy got a show. Also , I
    didn’t realize that North America has no primates…his logic makes sense.

  • 92 SPORT 3 years ago

    Thought this was will ferrel in a beard for like 2 mins haha

  • Lee Thomson 3 years ago

    family in the scottish highlands and islands that had a pet grizzly called
    hercules had him from a cub never hurt a fly……just goes to show kindess
    goes a long way

  • BPOOHEAD189 3 years ago

    Bears are godless killing machines

  • tristan roberts 3 years ago

    all the northern Indo-European languages (the Germanic, Baltic and Slavic
    ones) have done a cool thing where they’ve replaced the original word for
    bear with a euphemistic form (in Germanic it comes from words for brown
    whilst in the Slavic languages it’s called a honey-eater). It’s thought
    that this happened because there was a belief that saying the name of a
    bear would cause one to appear.

    Similar things happened with the word for wolf even in more southern
    languages like Latin. The expected form would be volpus (note the
    similarity with vulpes – fox) but because of the taboo deformation the
    first syllable got flipped and it became lupus (a similar thing happened in

    People are fucking scared of bears

  • josh yocum 3 years ago

    f that

  • Nicky D 3 years ago

    #1 Threatdown: Bears

  • Cale MacEanruig 3 years ago

    i thought this was nick offerman when i clicked the link


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