Jeff Sessions Tackles Weed And The White House’s (Unrelated) Paranoia

Published on March 22, 2017

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has a strong stance on marijuana, while Trump’s White House is showing symptoms of having smoked it.

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  • Davor Zupičić 3 years ago

    Batiste really killing it. As in, killing the show. As in, mute him, please. 😀

  • Get Rekt 3 years ago

    It’s weird how Trump supporters seem to be more concerned with how fair Trump is treated by the media than how good of a job Trump actually does as president. Countless times I’ve seen Trump supporters respond to a criticism of Trump by saying “The media treats him so unfairly.” Yeah, we should just forget about how -bigly- badly Trump is fucking up. All that matters is that the media said something bad about him, and that’s so unfair. 🙁

  • tigerfurry98 3 years ago

    Why do you upload at 3 am daily? You know I have to sleep right? 😀

  • Condor 3 years ago

    FYI: This was pre-taped last week. That’s why there’s nothing about the supreme court confirmation hearings or the FBI’s investigation of Trump.

  • Marco Joseph Cheung 3 years ago

    Trump doesn’t do weed, he just snorts coke off Putin’s ass crack

  • Dr. Bees 3 years ago

    Colbert more like Coolbee

  • Tosh Outdoors 3 years ago

    Whatever happened to the conservative hard on for states’ rights? Seems to go out the window whenever states do something they don’t like.

  • Don't Read My Profile Picture Advanced 3 years ago

    Well fuck it then, I am going to try heroin. Thanks Jeff!

  • Imhazardous 3 years ago

    I’m early!!

  • G Alad 3 years ago

    “Deep state” is a new Infowars conspiracy. Even after freaking Trump won of all people, they still believe that somebody somewhere is still pulling the strings.

  • Jason Hamblin 3 years ago

    Thank you for Thursday’s news on Tuesday, Cuckbert!! ?

  • Crazy Videos From Around The World 3 years ago

    It’s a common knowledge that they always bug just one phone, never two or three. 😀

  • camelshit 3 years ago

    Marijuana doesn’t cause the kind of erratic, delusional behavior we see in the white house these days,
    the toxic fumes emanating from trump’s swamp are more likely the reason.

  • imax digital 3 years ago

    $25K? lmao more like 7 if you’re lucky.

  • BefallenLegate 3 years ago

    Explains why they want to decimate education and healthcare. Keeps them all out of institutions and away from learning reality.

  • Namida 3 years ago

    ‘The goverment is chasing ME!’

    ‘But Donald, YOU ARE the goverment..’

    And thus Donald become the very goverment he despise.

  • Alain De Loor 3 years ago

    Don’t need to tap two phones when there’s a micro wave oven in the room!

  • Dia Dunne11 3 years ago

    really Trump? deep state? why don’t you just call it the illuminati, it will be easier for your redneck supporters to believe you

  • Sean Slowik 3 years ago

    Lol the title of this video is great

  • daniel gomez 3 years ago

    what retard pays almost 6k for a pound of herbs


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