Jeff Sessions Says Legal Weed… Illegal?

Published on January 5, 2018

Stephen lights up Jeff Sessions for rolling back states’ rights on marijuana legalization.

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  • Josh Danao 1 year ago

    4th dude?

  • Shayla McGrady 1 year ago

    The jackass doesn’t know how FEDERALISM works. It was created for assholes just like him, to “protect our country from tyranny and an all too powerful government”.

  • Josh Cade 1 year ago

    Why do we keep fossils like sessions in office, better yet who even voted for his angry old ass in the first place?

  • Seanders 1 year ago

    Sessions must have gotten something a little more than he asked for when he first tried weed.

  • mah e 1 year ago

    Everyone should go to and write to your state officials, senate, congreess. Get government out of Medicinal Marijuana that can potentially save lives. Stopping opiate addiction for example.

  • Unamerican666 1 year ago

    If neo-libcuckism is a mental illness then cuckservatism is a fucking cancer.

  • OreoThePanda 1 year ago

    Neve rbeen this early da fq

  • Ro G 1 year ago

    Sessions seems like the kind of guy who used to whip slaves when the cotton harvest was low.

  • Jan 1 year ago

    State rights, right?

  • Bad80y1 1 year ago

    Session the Gnome. He’s such a lepracon. “Where’s my Lucky charms. Their magically delicious.” What a party spoiler. These Evangelical shitheads make me sick. They’ll imprison you for smoking a joint. Hey it’s business for the private prison owners. Talk about legal slavery these dicks are into.

  • Matthew Snider 1 year ago

    Once again, the current White House administration and its odious appointees prove that the integrity of their word and the consistency of their principles really just depends on political convenience and personal whim. So much conservative complaining about “federal overreach” into “states rights” and “the nanny state,” and yet Sessions does this out of his personal hatred for marijuana usage and its culture. Meanwhile, the toddler-in-chief emits radio silence on the issue (despite promising in his campaign that he would “let the states decide” when it came to the legality of weed) and instead tried to cart out months-old rotting red-meat for his sycophantic base by once again trying to kick up controversy with the NFL. How sad, pathetic, and telling in equal measure.

  • Nelson W. 1 year ago

    Why do conservatives hate weed so much but somehow love guns?

  • Jason Blade 1 year ago

    Instead of hating pot, sessions should tell us where the pot-o-gold is hidden

  • Arjun Kay 1 year ago

    There you go! Elves don’t smoke pot.

  • New Message 1 year ago

    Ironic that when I smoke enough weed, I see Jeff’s relatives dancing and picking day-glo mushrooms out of unicorn manes, and crave their cookies sooooooo much.

    * munch munch munch *

  • Willie Booker 1 year ago

    You’ve got to wonder if Jeff Sessions is like Walter White. Secretly a drug dealer, because the only people helped by making pot illegal, are the drug dealers and cartels…….

  • Jebbifer 1 year ago

    why u gotta come for bernie like that man, so what if he likes to brush his hair with a spoon

  • Yey Foo 1 year ago

    You’re good

  • camelshit 1 year ago

    Sure, he would like us to start snorting trump’s covfefe instead. Jerk.


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