Jeff Sessions Cracks Down on Racism Against White People: The Daily Show

Published on August 3, 2017

After Jeff Sessions announced that the Justice Department will challenge affirmative action, Jordan Klepper and Roy Wood Jr. weigh in on the discrimination of white people.

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  • jerome keimig 2 years ago

    Noahtards support south african machete justice- in america too! Check out the comments- they all cheer it on—

  • Sneha Anna 2 years ago

    4:24 hilarious ??

  • Robert Cebelak 2 years ago

    Can’t stand this racist pos

  • KAMAEHAMAEHA 2 years ago

    black monkeys piss me off !!!!!!!!!

  • George Sosinsky 1 year ago

    This better be a really bad joke. I’m white and this better be a extremely bad joke.

  • opal tree 1 year ago

    Where, in the sun?

  • mraims2plez 1 year ago

    I know that these people know that affirmative action helps more white women than it does anyone else. Which means they’ll be cool with screwing their daughters to screw blacks. That’s like hating your next door neighbor so you set his house on fire knowing you can’t put it out. (It’ll burn your house down too!)

  • Roman Donald 1 year ago

    If that was a white guy talking about blacks people, he’d be sued, lose his job, it’d make national news, he’d be exiled from tv and eventually disappear. You’d never hear the end of it. Crybabies/SJW and BLM would be protesting (that’s all they do anyway) in front of the White House ?. But it’s ok if it’s against the “big bad white devils”. People saying shit in the comments “so many white tears” and “so many white people crying right now”. I’d have to say, we’re VERY fuckin tolerant people knowing the fact that these fuckin people can get away with saying ANYTHING they want on tv, to our face, you got your all black schools that were not allowed to attend but, yet we gotta open our doors with smiles on our face for people who make it obvious they hate us but we just sit there and deal with it and don’t say a fuckin word back. Instead we laugh at it like it’s ok. You can say what you want about us but you people haven’t experienced racism. Don’t even fuckin act like it. We hear blatant racism and deal with it on a daily basis from y’all and you can say it’s “pay back” or whatever helps you sleep at night but none of us nor YOU were around when racism was actually going on. You act like you have some “pass” to do and say the shit you say to us like it’s your fuckin right but let’s be honest. You don’t even have a real reason why you’re doing it. You were never bullied or “picked on” or had no friends growing up because of the color of your skin like these horseshit fuckin black empowerment movies you watch. You have more problems and hatred growing up these days trying to tell your family you’re gay or something nowadays instead of the color of your skin. Trust me. We’re over it. Nobody’s scared to sit next to you. You’re not gonna sit alone at lunch. That shits so far behind us now. Just think about that next time you run your fuckin mouth to some white kid for no reason. We’ll sit back and not say anything about it, maybe laugh it off like it’s ok because we’re told we’re supposed to but with all the unrest in Europe and all the shit going on in South Africa, trust me, keep on treating us like shit and I guarantee you’ll start seeing a really big presence of extreme hate groups and neonazis and I promise no protest can save you then so…… eventually we’re gonna do something about it. we didn’t sail around the world and conquer basically everywhere because we were “weak”. And we don’t rule the world because we’re stupid. You rule Africa because YOURE stupid and you’re in the western world because we LET YOU mf’s. I’m sick of playing nice to y’all.

  • Jack Barron 1 year ago

    Isn’t it racist to choose someone for their skin color? Shouldn’t the students be judged on their academic abilities?

  • daniel serio 1 year ago

    While it’s idiotic and dickish to make fun of whites, it’s nonsensical to say that they have it worse than minorities or have ever really had it worse in recent history.

  • jerryholbrook13 1 year ago

    Im glad good job sessions get the racist leftist pigs

  • jerryholbrook13 1 year ago

    The party of slavery jim crow the kkk and trail of tears native american genocide the list goes on and on and on shut the fuck left wingers you dont have a moral leg to stand on roll over and die so america will be great again!

  • Arim Oh 1 year ago

    Affirmative action is a part of black privilege. Also black males make up only 6% yet commit over 50% of the murders in the whole country!!!

  • intelligence wisdom 1 year ago

    Why is this a joke. There is an abundance of racism and hate against white people and for some reason people feel justified in their hatred and ignorance.

  • Mike Garcia 1 year ago

    Maybe you should be fired, Mr. racist funny man!

  • Rokal Lobust 1 year ago

    Yellow is the superior race

  • Christopher Williams 1 year ago

    Plain and simple you don’t need to know anyone’s race or gender for an application. Doesn’t matter anyway.

  • 15 seconds of truth 1 year ago

    Trevor is spotting again

  • Adam Pinkusiewicz 1 year ago

    Blacks think that bc white ppl built their own country from scratch (many first settlements all perished ) that they all have this “privilege” that Lefties after white ppl’s money have a BONER for, lol

    Get a job

    Stop bitching
    And get off welfare (free white ppl money)


    your people sold you now your equal to blacks welcome to the black community


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