Jeff Sessions Cites The Bible In Separating Children From Parents

Published on June 14, 2018

The United States is using cruelty as a deterrent on our southern border. But don’t worry, Jeff Sessions found an applicable bible verse.


  • chrismasterith 8 months ago


  • Mohit Gadre 8 months ago

    I thought the gov was supposed to be secular. He is clearly imposing his interpretation of a holy text onto those in the u.s

  • Raj goyal 8 months ago

    Religion should never be a part of Government. Neither Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism nor any others.

  • monearthe$ 8 months ago

    Keebler man your not my dad

    Doodoo head

  • juan gomez 8 months ago

    He should’ve cited Mein Kampf to have better arguments.

  • Cats Linda 8 months ago

    Colbert is a national treasure….

  • Cathie 8 months ago

    Sarah Sanders also defends it – this Administration has no soul

  • w9j15g 8 months ago

    Fascism isn’t coming to America. It’s been here for 17 months.

  • ReaperEOD 8 months ago

    Why anyone would ever defend such a behavior we’ll never know. But something tells me we’re about to see it.

  • FiftiethAbyss1 8 months ago

    As an Australian I want to point out this is what the government did in Australia with the Aboriginal Stolen Generation. around 100 years ago, this is such an atrocious thing to do. American has officially gone backwards a 100 years.
    Edit: at the time it wasn’t british settlers. mess up the dates of when it started

  • Evan Belcher 8 months ago

    Luv u Stephen

  • alejandro L. 8 months ago

    bless whoever is posting videos super early

  • Nike Just do it 8 months ago

    the hobbit from the shire lost his job with ernie at the treehouse making cookies 🍪.

  • merc731 8 months ago

    using abandon Walmart for prisons .. 10 yrs ago i got called a conspiracy nut for saying they were doing this .. whatever

  • Duck 8 months ago

    Sessions is as much of a Christian as a guy who goes into a garage calls themselves a car. If Jesus was alive right now, these idiots would have him deported, then labelled both a communist AND a terrorist.

    Oh but silly me, I forgot. These conservative donut-punchers don’t worship Jesus. They worship White Jesus ™. He who cleanses your sins whenever it is most convenient and favourable to you.

  • ATUL ANAND 8 months ago


  • Mike Q 8 months ago

    We’re the bad guys now

  • Christine K 8 months ago

    Baths!? The Jewish people were told they were going to take a shower. Apparently trump is now taking pages not only from gods book.

  • Raistlin Majere 8 months ago

    So if were using the bible we should stone Trump because he commited adulty?

  • Jim's videos 8 months ago

    With a little luck everyone involved in this stain on human history will be first against the wall when the revolution comes.


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