Jeff Probst Credits Kids and Streaming with Survivor’s 20-Year Survival

Published on February 5, 2020

Jeff Probst describes how little kids are helping maintain the popularity of Survivor through streaming, how surprised he is it’s still going after 20 years and what to expect from Season 40, Winners at War.

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  • yo boii 6 months ago

    looks like bryan cranston

  • Doggy CZ 6 months ago

    First 😀

  • GDAE BB 6 months ago

    Not sure about the young kids, but He is right. I am in my twenties and I have pretty much watched all seasons. On one winter break, I watched 3 seasons. lol only 2 weeks, did nothing but watch survivor. you can imagine, I have an active life. lol

  • Marius Thefaker 6 months ago

    They left their 4 kids at home? Looks like it’s ‘Survivor at Boston Rob’s house’ too! ?

  • AidanM99 6 months ago

    Jimmy claims hes a huge fan but didnt even know who is on the season lol


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